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Dedicating This Trip to Susie

The wife of Dan's oldest childhood friend is a tiny, lovely woman with a rare warmth and inner beauty. Everyone who knows her loves her. If you put a picture in the dictionary next to the word "goodness", it would be her smiling face.

For years now, she has been fighting a battle with cancer. She wins one round and then gets sucker punched with more. The determination with which she continues to fight is inspiring. Her cheerfulness, grace, gentleness, and lack of self-pity is Saintly with a capital "S". But, this cancer is viciously invasive, and the fight gets harder. All traditional treatments have been exhausted and she is now on 100% experimental treatments.

I am ashamed to say that the busyness of my insignificant daily pursuits have gotten in the way of spending the time I could have with her. And time is the most important gift I should be giving.

Instead, I work too much, spend far too many hours here in front of my computer, and plan trips.

So, for Susie, this next month is dedicated to supporting her fight. Dan and I will be taking a special candle with us into every church, chapel, and cathedral we visit. We'll light that candle and say a prayer for Susie's continued strength & comfort.


I'd like to ask a favor of my blog readers and SlowTrav friends. As you visit the great and small houses of faith around the world -- will you light a candle for Susie? If possible, will you take a photo of that candle and e-mail it to me with a note about where and when it burned? And if you will, please forward this blog entry link to any friends you have who may be travelling.

The first thing I'm determined to do, when we return is to visit her with pictures of all the places where she and her struggle was being remembered.

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Deborah, This is a lovely testimonial to Susie and her life ... and your friendship. I'll light a candle at the Stanford Memorial Chapel this weekend. Bon Voyage, and I also hope your return visit with Susie is in person. --Colleen

Deborah, What a beautiful idea! I can't wait to do my part! Buon viaggio, and so many more will have Susie in their prayers! She is very lucky to have you in her life!


Deaborah, I've been going to Minyan (morning prayers) every morning to say a Mi Shabeira (Prayer for Healing) for a friend in her own cancer battle. I'd be happy to also say it for Susie. We don't light a candle, but the prayer can be heard here:


Deborah - what a wonderful idea. I will keep Susie in my thoughts and prayers, and although I have no travel plans in the near future, will light a candle at church here in her honor. --Judy

Deborah what a lovely idea. I'll light a couple of candles and send you the photos. Have a wonderful trip

Thank you everyone. I do appreciate it.
And Amy, thanks so much for posting that link. It was beautiful.


Deborah, I will light a candle in my own church and join you in your prayer for Susie's continued strength & comfort. What a wonderful way to show support.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Deborah, I admire Susie's grace during her very difficult battle.
I will also light a candle at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels here in Los Angeles and keep her in my thoughts and prayers. - Kathy


Deborah writes:
Just a postscript from Budapest. We were able to take Susie's candle to two churches ... lighting it in a beautiful setting in St. Stephen's. I'll post the picture when I'm able.

I lit up a candle at Mass last Saturday (I always go to vigil Mass) but didn't take a picture because it was very crowded. Next time I'll try to be at church earlier than normal to snap a picture of a second candle that I will light for your dear friend. The name of the church is St. Anne's in Gilbert, AZ.

Deborah responds: Thank you, MarÍa. I've taken some great church pictures with you in mind! You need to come to Budapest.


I wrote about my candle here:

I'm hoping also to get into St. Mary's Basilica in Halifax to light a candle in person.

Deborah responds: Anne, Grazie!!!!!

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