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Week 3 - Foodie Trivia Contest

Yellow: Who, on the 2004 presidential campaign trail, promoted the health benefits of eating rabbit? Teresa Heinz Kerry (wife of John Kerry)

Purple Who was the host of America's first TV cooking show, I Love to Eat, which debuted in 1946? James Beard

Orange: True or False: A plate with a finger bowl on top of a doily, presented directly before dessert, is the dessert plate. True (When done with the finger bowl, move it with the doily to the upper left of your palce setting.)

Green: What kind of vegetable are Cherokee Trail of Tears, True Red Cranberry, and Arikara yellow? Beans (heirloom varieties)

Blue: What was designated as a vegetable to help make budget cuts in the school luch program during the Reagan Era? Ketchup

Red: True or False: Mexican avocado growers sometimes "store" their crop on the tree for up to one year. True (Avocados normally rippen only after they've been picked.)
All comments plus the correct answers will be posted on Wednesday evening, June 4th.

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Sharon L:

Yellow: Teresa Heinz (John Kerry's wife)
Purple: James Beard
Orange: False
Green: Beans
Blue: Ketchup!
Red: False (guess)

Cindy Ruth:

Yellow-Kristina Kerry
Purple-James Beard
Blue-ketchup & relish


Yellow - George W. Bush ??

Purple - James Beard

Orange - True

Green - Beans

Blue - Ketchup

Red - False


Yellow - Pat Buchanan

Purple - James Beard

Orange - True

Green - Beans

Blue - Ketchup

Red - True

1. John Kerry (actually his wife).
2. James Beard
3. True
4. Beans
5. ketchup
6. false ( 2 - 8 months is the reference I found).

Food trivia . . . what fun!

Yellow: Dick Chaney

Purple: Lucille Ball

Orange: False

Green: Peppers

Blue: Ketchup

Red: True

Thanks Deborah, this is fun!

The vegetable designated by the Reagan administration was probably the paper napkin.

Deborah responds: LOL Since paper is made from woodpulp, I guess that it is just as much a vegetable as ketchup! They probably wish they had thought of that.

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