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Week 4 - Foodie Trivia Contest

Well, guys. This is the last week. I'll leave the comment period open until Wednesday night.
Whoever has most total points gets the brand new game mailed. I should be able to mail it before I leave next week.

And, just for fun. I'm mailing a second (already opened game) to the person who, in my humble opinion, had the most entertaining wrong answer over the last four weeks.

Yellow: The members of what two professions were allowed to deal in wine during Prohibition (1920-1933)?

Answer: Priests and Rabbis

Purple: Who donated $1 million in 2004 to Dillard University to establish a program that includes African-American culinary studies?

Answer: Ray Charles

Orange: How many inches should a formal dinner tablecloth extend past the edge of the table -- 6 to 8 inches, 8 to 12 inches, or 12 to 18 inches?

Answer: 12 to 18 inches (6 to 8 inches for breakfast or lunch, 8 to 12 for a less formal dinner)

Green: What sidlined production of Hershey's Kisses in 1942?

Answer: Aluminum foil was rationioned during WW II

Blue: What three characters were featured on Howard Johnson restaurant signs, menus, and china patterns for about five decades?

Answer: Simple Simon, the Piman, and a small dog

Red: What size is a "cube" cut if not specified in a recipe -- 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch, or 3/4 inch?

Answer: 1/2 inch (on all sides)

AND THE WINNER IS.... With 21 out of 24 correct answers .... (drum roll) CINDY RUTH.

A second game goes to Annie for her answer to this week's yellow question. ::grin::

Ladies, PM your mailing addresses to me and I will try to get these mailed out before I leave for Budapest next week.

Comments (8)

Yellow: the clergy and doctors

Purple: Ray Charles

Orange: 12 to 18 inches

Green: WW II rationing

Blue: Simple Simon, some guy holding a bunch of pies and a dog

Red: 1/2 inch

This was a hard week!!
Purple-Ray Charles
Green-WWII-rationing of silver foil
Blue-Simple Simon, the Pieman, and the town name

Yellow: The mafia and the US Senate

Purple: Oprah

Orange: 8-12 inches

Green: WWII (no sugar)

Blue: three baby chicks

Red: 1/4 inch


Yellow - Ministers and Rabbis

Purple - Ray Charles

Orange - 12 to 18

Green - Rationing of silver foil during and after World War II

Blue - Woman with hat & apron (waitress?), dog and small boy

Red - 1/2 inch

Woo hoo! Are you serious? I missed all six of this week's questions and I'm still a winner, LOL!

I'd like to thank Deborah, the Academy, James Beard, etc etc

This was a lot of fun. I'll PM you but please, don't rush to mail it out. I'll be perfectly fine waiting until after your trip. Hope you have a great one!

And congrats to Cindy Ruth...21 out of 24 is impressive!

Deborah responds: Well, Annie, sometimes it pays to be a smart aleck. ::wink::

Deborah -
I took a look at your week 1 contest questions, and ran the other way - they were HARD! Congrats to winner Cindy Ruth, and to Annie, too. :)

Deborah responds: ::evil grin:: and why do you think I was asking the questions instead of trying to answer them?

Cindy Ruth:

Okay, I must confess. I only knew the answer to a few of them without doing a little internet searching. Thanks Deborah, this was a lot of fun, and I learned some interesting things. I'll send you my address, but I'm also okay if you want to wait until you get back to mail it. Thanks again!!!

I was with Colleen. I don't think I could have answered more than 2 or 3 at the most. Also want to send my congratulations to Cindy Ruth and Annie :)
Have a wonderful trip Deborah!!

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