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Crna Gora !!!!

We are in one of the most beautiful countries you can imagine.

Montenegrin's have a saying: When God finished creating the world, he had a bag of rocks left over. So he dumped them on the shore of the sea and created Crna Gora.

As we look from the windows of our beautiful rental apartment, across the bay, across the rooftops of old town Kotor, we see the shear face of a mountain. Or at least that is what we THINK we are seeing.

Actually we are looking at a series of mountains...each one higher than the one in front of it. It gives the optical illusion of just one solid rock face.

But, as we begin to climb the Ladder of Cattaro, each switchback reveals the side and back of yet another peak, until finally you reach the entrance to Lovcen National Park.

Then you climb higher and higher to the summit, which is 1600+ meters. There you come to the resting place of this countries most beloved national hero, Petar II Petrovic Njegos.

I wish this computer had the ability to edit some of my pictures, and I had the time to post. But I have a long line of people waiting for me to have their turn.

So, I'll just have to paint word pictures with my posts until I can get home.

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I wish you had the ability to edit your pictures and post too! Hey, if it's easier, just e-mail them to me at my slowtrav address and I'll post them.

Deborah responds: Thanks Kim, but I can't even upload them to an email. We will be in Umbertide on the 5th and probably at our familiar internet cafe on the 6th, so I'll be able to do something then.

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