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My Two Favorite Italy Lightings

We are back, and were able to light the candle in 25 different churches, monasteries, & chapels.

My first order of business is to edit the photos of Susie's Candle lightings in all three countries.

I'm going to go to one of those on-line photo sites and produce a book for her of all our lightings.

As you would imagine, some of my very favorites were in Italy. I wrote a note in Italian and Alessandra edited for me so it didn't read like it came from Babelfish. We showed it to the officials in the places we visited. It explained what we were doing with the candle and asked permission to light and photograph it.

Here are my two favorite candle lighting experiences in Italy:

In the lower chapel of the tomb of St. Francesco di Assisi, we were permitted to go behind the rope to light our candle in the nook normally reserved for use by the monks. As visitors lined up in front of the tomb, a kind monk and a nun stood with us; shielded us from view; and said a prayer as we lit the candle. Even though cameras are strictly prohibited in the area, they graciously permitted to take the photo.

This tiny little church, dedicated to St. Antonio of Padua, is part of Borgo di Montemigiano. It is also built into the original 12th century city wall and is literally next door to our house. The chapel is closed for repairs to the tower and the entire area is encased in scaffolding and orange plastic netting. But when I showed my note to the construction foreman, he instructed all of his men to quit working for a few minutes. Then they removed tools and equipment from the area in front of the alter and all stood with us while we lit the candle. It was very moving.

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Welcome back Deborah. These are beautiful photos of the candles you lit for your dear friend in Italy. She sounds like a special person and I hope she is doing better these days.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences.

Welcome back Deborah! I am looking forward to hearing more about your trip.

I lit some candles for Susie and took photos while I was in Italy. I am having some (hopefully minor) computer technical difficulties right now but as soon as they are resolved I will email them to you. Can you send me your email address? I will reduce the size some so they won't clog your email.

Deborah responds: That's so cool! Thanks. I'll send you a PM on SlowTalk with my e-mail. If you can, go ahead and send the pics at a high resolution. I am going to actually have them printed and a friend is putting together a scrapbook with them. If you could also identify the church and any special thing you think Susie would like to know about the lighting, that would be great too. Thanks so much!

Bentornata, Deborah!

I'm deeply touched by these two images with the candles. I hope that our collective candle lighting will give Susie hope and strength.

Deborah responds: Thank Maria. From your mouth to God's ear.

Brad'll Do It:

Reality sucks, I'd rather be travelling, but welcome back to reality anyway. Leave it to the Italians to "get it," and provide you special access for your special project for Suzie. We're happy to have you back blogging, and look forward to more trip details.

Deborah responds: Thanks Brad. I'm back to the grind, and really would rather be sitting by the pool at Montemigiano.

Oh Deborah, I'm just blown away by how beautiful these photos are! I too hope that this brings lots of healing energy to Susie. I intend to light a candle for her the next time I'm in a church - it might not be until this winter but I'll definitely do it.

Deborah responds: Thanks Annie!


This entry gives me goosebumps and tears. I have been in the lower tomb of St. Francesco so I could imagine myself there while reading your words. I will be in Italy this October, and plan to light candles for Susie as I journey along.

Deborah responds: Thanks, Anne. I appreciate that so much.

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