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Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

This weekend I did two day tour of 80 countries.
I bought gifts for my grandchildren in Tiawan, Bolivia, Egypt, and Nepal.

I enjoyed watching interesting dance presentations in India, Scandinavia, Thiland, Bosnia, Greece, Spain, Bolivia, Liberia, Egypt, & the Appalacian US.

By eating small 'tasting' portions I managed to graze my way through Nigeria, Afganistan, Argentina, Berma, Eritrea, Peru, Pakistan, Scotland, Iran, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Belize, Turkey, Cuba, Bosnia, Thiland, Haiti, Senegal, & Brazil.

There were twice again as many cuisines that I didn't manage to get to.

It would be impossible to say which food I liked best. I like ALL of them best. But the actual experience that I enjoyed the most was the Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony. I hope the lovely lady who was my gracious hostess manages to have her son check this blog entry out for her. I promised her she was the first picture I posted from the 2008 International Institute of St. Louis' annual Festival of Nations in Tower Grove Park.

First you roast the coffee beans.


While the coffee brews, set the mood with some lovely incense.


From brew pot to serving vessel.


My own cup of coffee being poured by my hostess.


And in Ethiopian I thank my hostess for that delightful experience. Ameseginalehu

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The festival sounds so interesting and fun! Do you remember what you sampled when you "went" to Peru? I love the ají de gallina and the causa.
I hope the Ethiopian lady gets to see the entry. She's beautiful!

Deborah responds: Maria, it was Causa Rellena. Made with chicken as the middle layer. VERY good! I'll try to post a picture when I do a blog entry on some of the foods we had.

Brad'll Do It:

Personally, I think you ate all that stuff so you could "bold" all the items you couldn't on the OMNIVORE 100 List from a few days ago. (I'm still looking stuff up, trying to figure out if I've had it or not, and almost ordered Baba Ganoush Saturday night, to make sure I COULD "bold" it!) Are there really 80 nationalities in the St. Louis area?

Deborah responds: Brad, oh ye of little faith! Would I do THAT?
Just wait until I start posting the pictures of the food! YUMM.
And yes, there are easily 80 nationalities. That, would only be the ones the International Institute tracks, and provides services for.

Deborah-I couldn't get to the correct link with your attachment, so sorry if it answered this. Where was this festival held at? It sounds so wonderful. Is it held every year? I'll have to see if my sis knows about it-she lives in Cape Girardeau, so she could drive up there.

Deborah responds: Cindy, the link was to the Thursday edition of the Get Out magazine section of the Post Dispatch. The problem is I only linked to the entertainment section's front page instead of the actual article, so it changed. If you click on that link and do a search, the story should be in the archives.
Yes, the Festival of Nations is every August.

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