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I Must Hurry...

Time is too short for me to put together the book I planned. I knew better. I should have done it the moment we got home from our trip. I waited too long.

Now, I must hurry. I took my pictures to the instant print store for 4x6 prints. I bought a scrapbook and I'm putting together an album now.

Tomorrow is Labor Day, but while everyone else is preparing for their BBQ, Dan and I will be driving to our friends house with the album. We've been told not to delay. Too little, too late.

Thank you Marta, for sending me yours. And thank you to everyone else who lit candles. I'm very grateful. Here are the photos I've collected. I'm going in reverse order of our travels.


The private chapel at Borgo di Montemegiano dedicated to San Antonio di Padua and The Abbazia di Montecorona in Umbertide

bMontemigiano%20St.%20Anthony%20of%20Padua.JPG bAbbazia%20di%20Montecorona2.JPG

The Tomb of San Francesco di Assisi and St. Mary Over Minerva in Assisi.

bAssisi%20St.%20Francis%20Tomb.JPG bAssisi%20St.%20Mary%20Over%20Minerva.JPG

St. Augustine & S. Dominico in Gubbio

bGubbio%20St.%20Augustine.JPG bGubbio%20S.%20Dominico.JPG


San Nikola and San Trifone in Kotor

bKotor%20San%20Nikola.JPG bKotor%20San%20Trifone.JPG

San Luca in Kotor and The Chapel of Our Lady of Salvation in the fortification wall overlooking Kotor and Kotor Bay

bMontenegro%20San%20Luca%20in%20Kotar.JPG bKotor%20Our%20Lady%20of%20Salvation.jpg

The Monastery at Ostrog and Roadside Shrine Near Ostrog

bOstrog1.JPG bOstrog2.JPG

A Monastery near Vilusi and A nameless chapel near Grahovo

bMonestary%20near%20Vilusi.JPG bNameless%20Chapel%20near%20Grahovo.JPG

A Chapel in Cetinje and The Monastery of Piva

bCetinje.JPG bPiva.JPG


St. Stephens Basilica in Budapest and St. Mathias Church in Budapest

bSt%20Stephens%20Basilica.JPG bStMathas.jpg

Shrine to St. Margit, after whom Margit Island in Budapest is named.


Thank you, Marta, for this lovely image of the candle you lit at the Chapel of St. Ignatius on the campus of Seattle University.


Comments (4)

Beautiful photos Deborah. I'm sure the book will be very special.

I'm very saddened to read this entry. I hope that these beautiful images give Susie peace. My thoughts and prayers to you and your dear friend.

Deborah responds: Thanks, Christina.

Wonderful photos from a wonderful friend. Thanks for letting me participate. I hope these brought comfort and peace to Suzie.

Deborah responds: Me too, Marta.


Deborah, I too am sad to read this. But what a beautiful thing you have done lighting these candles and creating this memory for Susie.
Sending prayers to you, Anne

Deborah responds: Thank you, Anne.

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