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Matyas Church

It is officially named The Parish church of Our Lady Mary, but it is known and beloved as Matyas Church, after King Matyas Corvinus.
We were anticipating this visit, to a church, whose confused exterior blend of neo-gothic/neo-baroque and its glazed tile roof are legendary. So it was a bit of a disappointed to find it completely shrouded in scaffolding.


As the site of many royal coronations, marriages, & burials, Matyas is an integral part of Hungary's national and historical pride.
During the amost 150 years that began in 1547 when the Turks ruled Hungary, the church had been converted to a Mosque.
The legend is that during a worship service, an image of the Madonna appeared to the Turkish rulers and convinced them that they were about to be driven away.
It was restored to its current appearance in the late 1800s.

We entered to an extremely dim and dark interior. It felt like a cave. And seemed almost devoid of decoration. It took several minutes for our eyes to adjust to the gloom.

But once they did we were treated to these amazing frescoed patterns covering almost every square inch of the interior.

frescoe1.JPG frescoe2.JPG

frescoe3.JPG frescoe7.JPG


Here is a link to the churches website where the unusual painting is explained.

Matyas is just another reason we will have to return to Budapest someday. We need to see her exterior without the scaffolding.

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You are so moving Budapest up on my list - definitely thinking a good way to celebrate my 45th birthday!

Deborah responds: Kim, that's an excellent idea. I know we got a lot out of Budapest when we were there, but we left weeks and weeks of our own personal "musts" undone. Only one of them is Matyas without scaffolding.

I've seen pictures of the amazing tiled roof but the frescoes are equally amazing. So colorful! I hope one day to go to Budapest. I wouldn't want to miss seeing this magnificent church.

Deborah, you just keep showing me these churches that are luring me away from Venice! Those frescoes are so very beautiful. I'd love to see them in person.

Deborah responds: That was the idea, Annie. :evil grin:

I love these photos! Cool patterns and so colorful. Budapest sounds so interesting.

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