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Our Last Sunday Slow Bakers Week

Our last week baking out of Gina's Dolce Italiano is a transition to our next project -- Sunday Slow Scoopers.

SSB was the kick in the pants I needed to get over my bias against baking. Prior to this fun project, I always viewed baking as too restrictive. It requires and exactness that is hard for me. I love to 'tinker' with recipes. But, tinkering with a baking formula can spell disaster.

I'm now a convert. There are many more recipes in the book that I plan to try on my own. No need for a Sunday deadline to prod me.

Although we wrapped up with Toasted Almond Gelato, I just had to bake. Couldn't help myself.

One of Dan's all-time favorite cookies is the Chinese Almond Cookie. I thought it would be fun to do a little Italian-Asian Fusion and pair them with the Toasted Almond Gelato.

Gina's recipe was so simple. I used sliced almonds with the skins still on and took her recommendation to toast the almonds to as dark a color as possible without scorching. I wanted the maximum flavor she promised.

Then, into the pan with the milk, cream, sugar and honey they went.


After the mixture cooled to room temperature, I strained it into a pitcher and added the Amaretto, Almond Extract, and salt. Then put the pitcher in the fridge for the night.

First thing this morning I took the freezing chamber out of the deep freeze, poured in the mix and turned it on. Then just ignored it while I fixed pancake breakfast for my four grandsons.


After 35 minutes, I scooped it into a freezer bowl so it could harden some in the freezer.
This is what was left for me to enjoy.


This afternoon I baked traditional Chinese Almond Cookies -- only about 1 1/2 inch across instead of 3 inches. After the egg wash, I sprinkled them with sugar and the extra ground almonds.

Here is Gina's Toasted Almond Gelato. Pure and simple. Isn't it beautiful?


And here it is paired with the almond cookies.


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Man, Deborah, that looks amazing! BTW - I love those Chinese almond cookies too.


Deborah, The ice cream and the almond cookies look so yummy even at 7 something in the morning. I am impressed that you make your own almond cookies!!! Now, I want some... almond cookies and ice cream both. :)

Deborah, nice job pairing the cookies with this gelato. And I am definitely going to want your photos. Gorgeous!

Deborah responds: I'll email them off today, Krista.

I'm so bummed for missing the last two recipes from Dolce Italiano. Your ice cream looks so yummy and so do the cookies. Maybe you'll share the cookie recipe to make them later when the weather cools down and I'm not on a diet.

Deborah responds: Maria, I got the recipe of RecipeZaar a long time ago. I'll type it up someday and post it in the food forum.

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