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SSS Week 2 - Tiramisu Ice Cream

When Krista chose Tiramisu for this week, I thought it would be an involved, complex recipe. But, I am again surprised at how easy ice cream is to make. Tiramisu is a recipe with an ultra-rich result that belies its simplicity. The ingredient list is short.


After mixing the ingredients in a blender, I stuck it in the fridge and made the mocha fudge sauce for the ripple. Well, actually I made the sauce twice.

I really don't like to use corn syrup in any recipe if I can avoid it. Call it a social protest, if you like. I just think the world would be a better place if corn syrup had never been invented.

I tried substituting honey for corn syrup. It doesn't work. Even the mildly flavored honey I used overpowered the chocolate. So, I started again and used the corn syrup. (Note to self: See if I can make a very thick version of the sugar syrup I use in my liqueurs as a replacement for corn syrup.)

At any rate, after a night in the freezer, here is the finished product, ready to scoop.


Cindy made hers early and posted a picture on the food board at SlowTalk. She served it in a coffee cup, which I thought was a very cute idea. So I stole it. And for those of you on SlowTrav who are contemplating a trip to Puglia, that cup and saucer are from a cool pottery works in Grottaglie called Ceramiche Nicola Fasano.


I used the heavier southern Italian recipe version for the pizzelle. It has more eggs and flour. It comes out sturdier and less lacy so it can hold up to being used to make the ice cream sandwiches. I eliminated the anise flavoring and added two heaping tablespoons of finely ground espresso coffee beans and four heaping tablespoons cocoa powder.

The batter for the southern Italian version isn't really a batter at all. It is more like a soft cookie dough that you roll into one inch balls and place on the griddle.


It makes a very large recipe, so I have several dozen to take to work tomorrow morning for everyone's breakfast. I picked out the best shaped 12 to make a half-dozen ice cream sandwiches. They're in the freezer for a last minute dessert sometime in the future.


A little update here. I just had lunch. Left over coffee from breakfast. Heated in a cappucino cup. Two huge scoops of Tiramisu Ice Cream to turn it into a decadant cafe latte. The pizzelle make great dunkers, tool


Comments (4)

Your photos are tempting. The pizzelee are just what you need for a ice cream sandwich.

Deborah-your's looks great! The pizelles look so sophisticated. I was going to douse my ice cream with espresso, but I was afraid it would melt before I took the photo. I used an espresso cup so that I only had to eat a small serving of it, but it looks like a regular coffee cup in the photo. By the way, you can "steal" any of my ideas anytime you want!

Deborah, I think those ice cream sandwiches are about the most gorgeous things I've ever seen - especially because I know how good the ice cream is inside of them! I'm with you about the corn syrup, I used Lyle's Golden Syrup instead and it worked perfectly.

Deborah responds: Thanks Krista. I'll have to find Lyles. Hope it is available here. It isn't a regional thing, is it?

Deborah, using pizzelle to make ice cream sandwiches is genius! They could be on the cover of a food magazine. They look sooo delicious!

Interesting link about the corn syrup. I read the book Sugar Blues many years ago and have been very careful about the sugars in foods. Even aspartame and others like that have dangers in my opinion. I think eating simple, natural foods in moderation is the healthiest. I wonder as a special ed teacher just how much foods play into the behaviors and difficulties of many children in school today.

Deborah responds: I know what you mean about food and learning/behavior issues.
I don't think we have the slightest idea how bad it really is.

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