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The Magic of the Budapest Card

We spent our first few days in Budapest checking out the obvious attractions. The "postcard" sights, as my mother calls them.

Then after a bit of back and forth discussion, we decided to spring for the 72 hour Budapest Card.


Truthfully, we were getting it more for the transportation advantages during the searing heat than for the other features. Lucky for us, that Budapest was experiencing a heat wave.

Otherwise . . .

We would have gone to visit the famous Elephant Gate at the Budapest Zoo, but we probably would not have paid 1,400 Ft each to go into the zoo itself. After all, we have one of the top zoos in the world in St. Louis. Almost any other zoo is just a zoo. Right? Wrong, because I would not have discovered in St. Louis that I can speak fluent Meerkat. No kidding! I have this weird ability to make a trilling/clicking noise with my tongue that Meerkats seem to view as facinating conversation.


Without the Budapest Card, we wouldn't have had a prayer of discovering the Hungarian Museum of Commerce and Catering, hidden on the ground floor of an office building. We would not have learned about Hungary's long and proud food history -- much beyond goulash. Nor would we have learned about the vibrant revitalization of the food culture in modern Budapest. Move over Food Network, is all I can say! Oh, yeah, and I wouldn't have had the opportunity to pose here, just for Palma!


We generally go out of our way to visit a local cemetery when we are in a foreign city. But one wasn't immediately evident in Budapest. The Budapest card offered entry into the Kegyeleti Muzeum (Piety Museum), which was located in the city's main cemetery a fair distance from the city center. The museum was interesting in its own right, but the cemetery was astounding. It will get its own blog entry with many pictures! For now, here is a teaser.


The Magyar Mezogazdasagi Museum (Hungarian Agricultural Museum) is an homage to taxidermy displayed in a castle that should be the exhibit all by itself. Well to be fair, there is much more than just the hundreds of stuffed animals there. The displays on farming were truly facinating.


All of these things I've mentioned (and unlimited transportation) are just a small sample of what was available to us through the Budapest Card. The best 12,000 Ft we spent the entire week! It comes with a comprehensive guide book to all the points of interest where it can be used. Within that guide book were great maps that allowed us to plan our days in the most productive way we could. No backtracking, no arrivals to closed doors. It was great!

Comments (4)

VERY cool background for a photo! Now THERE is a reason for us to visit Budapest!

We are enjoying your blog!

Deborah responds: I thought you might like that one, Palma! -grin-

Great post! I am really enjoying reading about your trip. The "speaking Meerkat" part cracks me up!

Deborah responds: Thanks, Annie! It was really weird, and a lot of fun. The people of Budapest who were standing around watching probably wondered about my sanity.

That is too funny. I'd love to see a video of you talking to the animals.

Wanted to give you an update about "the book." I haven't read it but I do have it in a TBR stack in the living room along with many others. But what's funny is that my new kitten has chosen "that book" for her favorite toy. Almost everyday when I come home from work, "that book" is out in the floor where Maria has been batting it around. It makes me laugh every time I see it. I had to hide the tissues from the kitten though. :)

Deborah responds: Sooo funny. I wonder if kitten Maria is showing approval or panning it?


Deborah, did all the info that came with the Budapest card, it came in English?

Deborah responds: Kim, yes, the guide you see in the first picture is printed in English. Here is the website.

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