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Durmitor National Park - WILD

The PhotoHunt Theme is WILD. So, I'll show you the wild horses of Durmitor National Park.

One day, we decided to leave sea level Kotor and head for one of Montenegro's highest points. After all, we were in Montenegro for the wild interior, not for the beach. We drove north to Pluzine and entered Durmitor National Park from the west.

Well above the tree line, the peaks of the Durmitor are rocky & grassy with permanent snow in crevices that the sun never warms.


These are mountains with high meadows for summer grazing -- both by domestic animals brought up for the season by shepherds, and by the WILD horses of the area.


It took us a while to get high enough to see those horses, however. As we left the low meadow crossroads of Trsa and headed into Durmitor National Park, our goal of the peaks was far in the distance across the fields of summer flowers.


We climbed higher and the trees and the flowers disappeared. The grass became shorter and greener and the rocky rubble more prevalent.


We finally reached a point where the road leveled off and we were traveling parallel to the uppermost peaks. At about 2,200 meters, the road was about to turn downhill and take us out the eastern side of the park on our way to Zabljak.


At the road's summit, we stopped the car beside this memorial. We never did find out who it honored, or how the person came to be memorialized.

Comments (19)

Wow! That looks like some awesome WILD country! Do come and visit - always welcome! Happy weeken.

What beautiful rugged country! Yes, wild.

Fabulous photos for htis week and the post is a great read. :)

nice photos! have a wonderful weekend!

Absolutely stunning!!!!

My wild is posted...the wildness of nature. Come see.
Happy Hunting.

Very beautiful shots, I really love the horses.

thanks. after reading this post, i feel i have left the mundane n went on a holiday even if it is just armchair traveling.

Fabulous! And perfect for the theme...what beautiful wild country!

Stop by, won't you?

Cheers -- RJ

What beautiful photos of an amazing and wild place. I love that mysterious memorial shrine. Great entry! Have a nice weeked, Annie

Great pics...

Wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Deborah, great theme photos. Love the beautiful scenery and the wild horses. Have a nice weekend!

I love seeing wild mountainous country. That looks like a great drive especially since you were able to get so high up into the park. I love the picture of the wild horses.

Deborah responds: Marta, Durmitor is a high meadow type mountain range. So they are not craggy and scary to drive. The roads were paved and wide all the way to the top. There were no sheer drop offs. Great for walking & cycling too!

Wow. Truly breathtaking and beautiful 'wild' photos!

I love these photos! Beautifully wild country and how exciting to see the wild horses!

Great shots - wild country and wild horses. They are beautiful animals, aren't they?

Super Great! Love the wild horses. That looks like a great ride I'm sure that you enjoyed. Interesting about the memorial, too. Someone evidently went through a lot of work there.

(Thanks for the visit and comments)

It looks like it was a pleasant drive. I love seeing wild horses, especially with their foals.


It really looks like wild country, let alone the animals.

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