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SSS Week Eight --- Blueberry Honey-Gorgonzola Ice Cream

This week, Palma chose our first "unusual" flavor. Honey-Roquefort.

It's been a crazy busy week for me, so I really didn't have time to stop at the market. I discovered the selection of blue cheeses in my fridge was limited to one - Gorgonzola. So, that became my cheese choice. I have about four kinds of honey. But only one of the jars had enough in it for the recipe. So, the honey became blueberry blossom honey.

(thanks to Prelock Blueberry Farm of Lafayette, IN for this cool picture.)

As I was it in its ice bath, I decided that I really didn't like the dingy gray color the gorgonzola gave the mix.

The next morning when I poured it into the freezer, I still didn't like the color.

Then I thought: "What the heck, the honey came from the blueberry blossom and gorgonzola is a cheese that just screams to be paired with fruit. Why not add frozen blueberries to the mix?"

The blueberries tinted the ice cream a very subtle shade. Just enough to overcome the gray.


I served my Blueberry Honey-Gorgonzola Ice Cream with a blueberry-honey topping.

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The blueberries must have worked, because your ice cream doesn't look gray at all. It looks very yummy. And I love that bee photo.

I made chocolate and then cherry last week, and raspberry, this week. :)

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