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SSS Week Seven -- Cinnamon Ice Cream

Another super easy recipe that tastes rich and creamy. I love anything spicy, so I was very happy with the strong cinnamon.

My intention was to serve this ice cream paired with apple pie. I went to Dierberg's this morning to buy some baking apples, and there in a huge case...the first Merb's Bionic Apples of the season!!!!!


There is just no use in trying to describe Merb's Bionic Apples to the unitiated. They are tart, crisp granny smith apples about the size of a softball, wrapped in caramel and nuts.

I abandoned the apple pie idea and grabbed four Bionic Apples. At $5.50 each, it is an investment.


When I got home with them, I cut the top third off; scooped out the center about half way down; and chopped the caramel and nuts from the top third up to use as garnish.


I filled the center with three scoops of Cinnamon Ice Cream and topped with the caramel & nuts.

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OMG!!!! That is amazing!!!!!

Deborah responds,
:fiendish grin: Somehow I knew you'd be one of the people to react to this one. LOL

I have a deep love of caramel apples, stemming from childhood, so I have to agree with Kim that this is amazing!

Brad'll Do It:

What a brilliant combination (and a bit of an investment)! The cinnamon ice cream is particularly great with apples, and what apples! Love your taste, Deborah.

Thanks guys. I wish the pictures were a bit better.
Too bad SlowBowl is the end of January. Bionic Apple season will be over and Merbs will be in full production of their Easter Bunnies. I'd give you a link to their web site...but they don't have one. A bit old-fashioned, I'm afraid. So, if you want to experience a Merb's Bionic Apple, you'll just have to come visit me!

Terry (teaberry):

Talk about being late to the par-tee. What an amazing apple, and ingenious treat, Deborah! That must have tasted goooooood!

No, greeeeaaaaat!

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