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SSS Week Six -- Panforte Ice Cream

This week, Colleen's selection was Panforte. A decadent take on the traditional Italian holiday cake.

When I saw the recipe, it seemed like a lot of work and I almost decided not to make it. But the ingredients were just too hard to resist...cinnamon, cloves, honey, almonds & candied orange peel. Christmas in a bowl!

So, last night, I made my candied orange peel and whipped up my mix for freezing.

This morning at 7:00 AM, after a night in the refridgerator, I put the mix in my ice cream freezer.

At 7:11 AM what was left of Hurricane Ike blew through St. Louis and the power went off. (It turns out it was going to be off for four hours.) After I realized that it wasn't coming back on right away, I mixed the nuts and orange peel into the mix and put it in a container for the deep freeze. It was the consistancy of a Ted Drewes custard. Not exactly scoop ready.

The power came back on at 11:40 AM and I got out the ice cream to try to form at least a soft scoop for my photograph.


Then I put the whole mess right back into the container and in the fridge to thaw. I figured I would try a refreeze once my ice cream maker's freezer bowl was solid again.

I started thinking that if it didn't refreeze properly, I'd at least have the base for a killer eggnog! Then I started thinking that I wanted a killer eggnog. So I scooped three ounces out and strained it into a glass, added an ounce of my homemade 44 Cordial and a cinnamon stick.



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Great idea Deborah! When I first tasted it, it reminded me of eggnog. Let us know if it turned out when you refroze it also.

You may have stumbled on a new eggnog recipe!! It has been interesting reading everyone's posts on this flavor. I don't think I would have considered it before reading about the results. Glad you got your electricity back on.


Okay Deborah, you've inspired me. I've been putting this off too. BTW - no one believed me that we got "hurricanes" in MO. They forget that when they hit the gulf or Texas they blow right up through the middle of the country. So lets see, MO, tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes - more dangerous than California and Florida ;). (and that doesn't include floods)

Deborah Responds: But the only thing that can really kill you is the humidity :grin:. And that is why you miss living here so much, Kim!

Deborah, I can't believe how much you and I think alike, I just wrote in my blog about how I wouldn't have picked this because it looked like too much work and that the flavors tasted like Christmas. I love your entry and how you ended up with eggnog. Absolutely perfect.

Barb Cabot:

Deborah, Love your creativity with this transition...mmm yummy for the holidays or NOW!

Hi-Love your interesting blog - the cocktail! looks - well - inticing. Your creative blog title got my attention and from there I have enjoyed your entries. Thanks for sharing. Hope you don't mind my stopping by~ menehune at Synchronicity

Deborah responds:
So happy you stopped by! Hope you stop by more often.
By the way . . lucky you living in Boston with a connection to Hawaii!

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