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SSS Week Nine --- No Crepes

For week nine of the Sunday Slow Scoopers, Sandy chose crepes and told us to make any ice cream we wanted to enjoy with them. I quickly settled on Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream. But then got lazy and decided not to make the crepes. So technically, I guess you could say I didn't really participate this week.


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Brad'll Do It:

Technically, the Slow Scoopers were not making ice cream this week, since the crepe was the focus. Since you made ice cream, and the Slow Scoopers are ABOUT making ice cream, I say: five-yard penalty for offsides, take the down over. Are you ALWAYS this independent?

Deborah responds: Why should I get the penalty? If the Slow Scoopers are about making ice cream, shouldn't everyone else be offsides and I get first down?

That looks so yummy! Is the recipe from the Perfect Scoop?

Yes, it is. And it was VERY yummy. In fact, I'll be making it again soon!

It's a good thing that I'm not in the food blogging group right now. That ice cream looks so good.

Deborah responds: You SHOULD be in the food blogging group. Glad to see you back on the boards!

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