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The Definition of -- LAZY

Since I've committed to making all my PhotoHunt posts photos from our travels, this one was especially difficult. Although we aren't particularily lazy travellers, I do have a few photos of relaxing in beach chairs or at sidewalk cafes. But, there is nothing unusual about that.

For some reason, when we travel, I love to take pictures of dogs. So, I've got dozens of pictures of dogs sprawled out in different cities around the world. But, a lazy dog lying around soaking up the sun is a very common sight, isn't it? In fact, I'm betting that a great number of this weeks PhotoHunt posts will be pictures of dogs doing what dogs do so well.

So, in a search for inspiration, I went to the trusty old Webster's Dictionary to look up the definitions of the word LAZY.

There I find that one defination is "sluggish". And that gave me my photo for this hunt.


For our trip last summer to Spain and Portugal, I stole a little wind-up catepiller of the desk of one of my co-workers. I named him Bookworm and as we travelled, I created a photo journal called Bookworm's Excellent Adventure. Here we see Bookworm making friends with a slug on the patio of our farm stay at Casa Perfeuto Maria in Galicia.

Comments (13)

A sluggish slug! Very clever!!

What a great shot!
Have a great weekend:)

Oh that is cute shot...

Great photo. What could be more lazy than a snail? Even when he's trying to do something, he's lazy...

I did Photo Hunters today, too! If you have time, pay me a visit and leave your link. :)

This is very creative and clever. "Sluggish" is perfect. Love the perspective on the photo too (that is a big slug!). Have a nice weekend, Annie

Very cute, and very creative!

That is funny!
I love seeing what people choose to define a word.

Have fun!

Slugs are definitely lazy creatures. It looks like an interesting encounter between Sluggie and Mr Bookworm. Fun post.

Much more energetic than me in my hunt this week. What a great idea. Great shot for the theme!!

Have fun:-)

Super shot of the lazy slug!


Oh, cute shot for the theme!!!


Clever, but am I the only one a little grossed out by this?

Deborah responds:
I think, only you, Kim. :evil grin:


Heh. Only you could make a slug look cute. (I usually just peel them off my garden lettuce and run for the salt.)

Deborah responds: Thanks for the compliment, Amy. At least I think it was a compliment. tee hee. But the real issue is the SALT! Should I be alerting PETA?

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