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What Lurks Is --- SCARY

I just couldn't come up with a PhotoHunt entry from our travels that represented this week's theme. Travelling is many things, but for us it's far from "scary".

I didn't want to pull out a Halloween picture, because there will be so many great ones posted, why try to compete?

I had about decided that I'd have to pass this week. Then, this morning I was digging in the back of my fridge to find some applebutter. This is what I found lurking behind a bottle of flat champagne!


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oooh, my! made me squirm..


Great shot!

This makes me laugh! I've found scary things in my fridge before too. Love the colors in the photo!

Happy weekend!

em...it looks scary...
what's that huh?

I have found similar SCARY things in my fridge!! My scary post is up at http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/prodoceo/609837/

Yikes! That is the scariest picture I've seen today!

Yukkkk!! Scary! I get the same things. Ugh!

I hope you have time to come see my scary photos, and leave your link, too. http://newyorktraveler.net/photo-hunters-scary/

What is it? I don't think I've seen anything turn that color before!

Deborah responds: It's a two month old tomato. And the weird thing is it didn't really get moldy. Instead the edges just turned pure white.

It's a tomato?! LOL. I thought it was some cheese with very vivid mold. That's incredible!

It's a really cool looking photo!

Yikes, that would scare me if I pulled it out too! Glad you were able to find something for the theme!

I know I should run away screaming, but all I can do it laugh because of my similar enounters!

Very creative!! Thanks for the laugh!

Close the door - quick. Don't let it out. :)

looks like a heart to me!

ewww! i've found more yucky things than that in our fridge, though. we always forget our leftovers, and sometimes we leave them there for months!

Very scary. When you are not expecting it, fungus is scary.

Thank you for stopping by.

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