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When working on my latest entry about our time in Montenegro, I was struck by how very, very blue the sky was in my photos. I thought, "Cool, this can be my entry for Saturday's PhotoHunt theme: BLUE. Then I thought about how unoriginal my blue sky was, and decided to wait for other inspiration.

Last night, with PhotoHunt the last thing on my mind, I was preparing dinner and reached for my favorite spatula. In a crowded kitchen tool spinner, guess which one it is.


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That spatula sure stands out! *smile*

i know i know!
da blue one ;)

Nice! The blue is so beautiful next to all that lovely wood. Happy weekend!


Pretty original, Deborah! Cool choice.

That really does stand out from the crowd doesn't it? :D

We were going to go with blue skies as well, but just couldn't do it for the same reason you didn't!

What a great spatula. It is always fun to have a special piece that helps to make cooking fun. Good choice.

Very unique!! It reminds me of "The Red Balloon". :)

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