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SlowSoupers Week 3 - Butternut Squash

Krista selected a lovely Butternut Squash soup for her week in our SlowTrav "Sunday Slow Soupers" challenge.

I really liked her recipe because it leaned toward the savory rather than the sweet that you often see in squash or pumpkin type soups.

Here is my final dish. I used sour cream instead of regular cream as my garnish and saved a few pieces of the pancetta to sprinkle on top.


We had one bowl for supper last night, pronounced it delicious and a keeper. Then, as has become my practice, I put all the rest in a plastic container to take to the store this morning.

Our Monday morning managers' meeting starts at 7 AM, so I leave the house about 6:45 AM. This time of year means that it is still quite dark outside. I paid no attention to the shiny sidewalk -- that is until I was looking at it from about 3 inches away.

My feet went out from under me and I hit the ground so fast I didn't have time to realize what was happening, much less try to brace myself or to save the soup.


Fortunately, all I got out of it was a splattered coat, jammed shoulder and perhaps a hairline crack in my left index finger. Not sure about that yet.

I came back in the house and woke Dan up to tell him he had a clean up job on the front walk waiting for him when the sun came up. Poor guy.

I changed clothes, threw my coat into the washer, and prepared to leave again. This time a bit more carefully. But, then I couldn't find my car key. I grabbed my coat out of the washer and searched the pocket. Then I retraced my steps all through the house. No key.

Finally I decided to search the yard to see if I had tossed it in my fall. But I couldn't see it lying anywhere. In the dirt of the flower bed or the dead grass, it should have stood out.

Oh, wait! What is that lump lying next to the edging brick, under the soup?


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Oh Deborah! I hope you are not sore and stiff. We'd rather you save your body than the soup! Tough way to start the day/week. Now I feel better about dropping a cup of broth on my just-mopped kitchen floor. At least I remained standing!

Oh, I hope you are alright. That sounds like a bad fall. Take care.

Deborah-I came straight to your blog to read the story about the soup. How awful! I hope you're not too sore now. It seems that when we fall, we get more sore as the day goes on. And your accident was a double wammy-no leftover soup. And with you working these long hours, I'm sure you would have enjoyed the leftovers. Hope your finger isn't too bad.


Oh Deborah - that sounds painful! Hope your finger isn't broken! Do take care, and take it easy for a couple of days.

Too bad about the soup, though!


Yikes, Deborah! I know how scary it is to fall hard like that. I did it once at SFO after I stepped off the parking shuttle. At least you didn't have a dozen businessmen looking on ... ;)
Take care of yourself.
*I loved the photo of the soupy key!! LOL


Deborah, Sorry to read / hear about your fall... and spilt soup. I hope you are not hurting bad.

I am very impressed that you thought of and actually did take pictures of the "event". What a true blogger. :)

Oh, Deborah, I am so sorry to read this, but how priceless that you took photos and documented the whole process. We are definitely nominating you for Blogger Extraordinaire!


OMG, Deborah. I just saw the photo on the Squash Soup thread, and now read this!

How are you feeling a few days post-fall?


Oh, man Deborah - how are you feeling now? I hope you're all healed.

Deborah, I've been in Italy and am just catching up with the Soupers - I hope that you are okay! What a scary fall (but I agree, I'm amazed that you managed to document it for your blog, what a trooper!).

Hope that you have a wonderful holiday!

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