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Remembering SlowBowl 2008 in Pictures

The Mod Squad


On the Trolley. Chris and Sharon taking pictures of us while I take pictures of them. Jill and Kim being too cool in their dark shades.


Our fearless Tour Guide


Hanging at the House. Lots of wine and laughter.



Saturday Night Pot Luck, yummmmmmyyy.


Oouu, it gives me a headache. Shannon gets to figure out the bill for Sunday morning brunch.


And I had such a delightful time! I can't wait for Friday when we kick off SlowBowl 2009!


Comments (5)

Looks like so much fun. Can't wait to finally meet you! Travel safe and see you soon!

Deborah responds: Me too, Barb!

Brad'll Do It:

The treasured "find" of last year's Slow Bowl was YOU. So, seeing you again this year will be a renewal of the treasury (which, in these times, is more welcome than ever!). We are SO looking forward to this weekend, with you in it, and meeting your husband. May your flights be on time and uneventful.

Deborah responds: Thanks for those very kind words, Brad. I've been telling Dan about you and Palma. I've also told him not to let Palma's amazing "perfectness" give him any ideas of reforming me! :grin:

Great photos! I wish it wasn't so hard for me to get there/take the time off during school. I would love to go one year. Have fun!!


What a nice post, Deborah. I am really missing this year's SlowBowl. Thank you for giving me first dibs on the Treasure Boxes at Darci's.


Aach! I was just updating the February Bloggers and skimming past, and saw Slow Bowl pictures and thought, wait a minute - I wasn't there this year! Doh.

Deborah responds: Oh yes you were, in spirit. And also in all of our conversations.
"Remember when Kim did this?" laugh laugh laugh
"Remember when Chris said that?"

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