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A Day in Naples with Friends

We have good friends, (actually former clients of mine from my days of health care marketing consulting), who winter in Naples.
Everytime we come to visit my brother and SIL in Ft. Myers, we always have to reserve a full day to spend with them.
The husband and Dan play golf all day and the wife and I window shop and get manicures and pedicures together.
So that was what we did today. Then, we met up for dinner at a funky little place called Randy's Fish Market for supper. Great fresh fish, and a famous Key Lime pie.

Anyway, this post is about my little problem with my New Year resolution. I didn't buy a single thing for myself or Dan, but I did buy two sundresses for one of my daughters. SO, my question is, even though these are gifts, that will only be at my house for a couple of weeks. Should I still put four items in my donation barrels? Dan says no, because they don't need to be compensated for. I say yes, because they will technically be occupying space in my house.

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Sure, go ahead and put 4 things in the donation barrel, Deborah. I would...I agree with you!
Anyone who makes the grade of Hooch-Mama gets my vote!;-)

Interesting question. I would say technically if it is about space, you do not need to compensate since they are ultimately going to your daughter. But if you are feeling generous,why not?


I'd say yes. Think of it as something in your daughter's name.


You could consider it a basic maths problem.

If you bring the two dresses into the house you have to donate four items. BUT when you give the two dresses to your daughter you will have a 'credit' allowing you to buy one item.

Or you could just mail the dresses to your daughter! :)

I vote that you don't need to put anything in the barrel if you bought something to give as a gift.

They are only temporarily taking up space, so I would say no or you could put only one thing in the barrel for the temporary time the dresses were taking up space :)

I bought 2 clothing items yesterday and right away thought, I should get rid of at least 2 things in my house (donate of course) to find space for my two new items. Your resolution is spreading!

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