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Missouri has changed the style of its licence plates. That means I have to get new plates in May.


They tell me I can have my same personalized plate name in the new style. That's good. They also are encouraging people to recycle their old plates. So, I'm contemplating how I might want to do that.

I can't just toss it in the metal recycling bin. I guess I could frame it and hang it on a wall, but it really wouldn't go with my decor. A friend at work suggested that I auction it off on my blog for charity. But, I can't imagine that there is anyone out there who would want it, even if it was for a good cause. So, I guess I need to ask for suggestions. Any ideas?

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Be creative with them, you could have them cut into strips and string them up for a windchime, or attach them to some planter boxes and have them beautify your herb gardening. Or perhaps you could implant them in a cement shape and make a garden foot step out of them. Just a few ideas.

Deborah responds: Leave it to my ultra crafty friend, Sharona to come up with some creative ideas!

I love your license plate,Allora is one of my favorite words:)

Well, I know you don't think it goes in with your house decor, but how about the garage?


I like the idea of staking it in a planter box, or using it somewhere else outdoors. DO NOT toss it out.

Definitely frame it. What a nice memento to have. I remember when you first got it and they misspelled it "Allore". That was funny and sad at the same time!

There is an artist up here who makes them into stuff - it isn't my type of art but I bet that you could make something that would 'speak' to you.


Hi Deborah, I don't have any ideas--if I did I would use them with my table pieces, too. But.. I am wondering if Allora is taken in CA--probably! I do like it.

I still have the license plate of the first car I owned. (It's in a box of memorabilia.) I'd have yours made into a piece of art. Do you have an office to hang it in?

Barb Cabot:

What a great plate!

Brad'll Do It:

Personally, I think it would make a great disguise decorative element for hooch storage, with a touch of irony (or is it "steely?").

You could hang it over your donation barrels. Cool license plate! Wonder why they are changing the design. When they changed the design here, those with the older license plate kept them. It was fun spotting an older license plate once most were changed to new ones (after people bought new cars).

Deborah responds: In Missouri, the license plate belongs to the owner of the car and can be used only on the car it was purchased for.
I don't know how many other states are like California, but there the license plate actually belongs to the car itself, and if the car changes hands, the license plate goes with it.


In California, personalized plates can be transferred from car to car.

I got my NANCYO plate back in 1968 when they first came out, and it has been on at least five cars since then.

I have wondered if I would be allowed to get a new plate in the current style. After all, it IS 40 years old!

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