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Hurry Up August

I'm sitting here on a cold February day, thinking back on August and the wonderful foods I enjoyed at the Festival of Nations. Sponsored each year by the International Institute of St. Louis.


I wasn't able to sample all of the 30 plus countries' food booths, but I did either eat or photograph samples of the following:
1) Afganistan, 2) Argentina, 3) Bosnia, 4) Burma, 5) Eritrea, 6) Ethopia, 7) Haiti, 8) Iran, 9) Nigeria, 10) Peru, & 11) Vietnam.
So for today, to help me remember, I think I'll just post some wonderful food pictures. No descriptions, no country named. I'll make this a game and let you try to guess which picture represents which country's food booth. Some of them are give-aways because of other things showing up in the pictures. Some are going to be very hard.
Just match the country number above with the food picture letter below. Post your guess. The winner is invited to St. Louis to join me next August to sample the great food for yourself.

Fun game, huh?

A) PeruvianFood.JPG

B) ArgentinaFood.JPG

C) KurdishFood.JPG

D) burmafood.JPG

E) EthiopianFood.JPG

F) AfganFood.JPG

G) VietnameseFood.JPG

H) NigerianFood.JPG

I) BosnianFood.JPG

J) EritreanFood.JPG

K) HatianFood.JPG

OK, so here's the answers:
A - Peru
B- Argentina
C- Iran (actually Kurdish)
D- Burma
E- Ethopia
F- Afganistan
G- Vietnam
H- Nigeria
I- Bosnia
J- Eritrea
K- Haiti

So, Candi & Girasoli -- you tie. The good news is our we have two guest rooms. Plenty of room for both of you to take a trip to St. Louis in August. If you can stand the weather, that is. :grin:

Comments (13)

Very challenging! But fun!

A) Argentina

B) Bosnia

C) Iran

D) Burma

E) Afghanistan

F) Ethiopia

G) Vietnam

H) Peru

I) Nigeria

K) Haiti

Deborah responds: Three right, Annie.


How fun to eat your way around the world in a weekend. It looks like you filled up your "passport"!

3 out of 10. Dang, I didn't do so well. LOL.:)

Barb Cabot:

Ooooh this looks like my kinda fun.

Boy, I just don't know! All I can say is that it looks delicious and that now I am hungry!


Here are my wild guesses. :)

A. Erithrea
B. Bosnia
C. Ethiopia
D. Burma
E. Argentina
F. Iran
G.Vietnam (spring roll?)
H. Haiti
I. Peru
J. Nigeria
K. Afghanistan (Looks like palau)

Deborah responds: Eden, two right.

Wow, fabulous looking food!

(Maybe plan the St. Louis GTG to coincide with this?!)

Deborah responds: That would be great fun, Kathy. But I doubt very many people would want to be in St. Louis in August. Hot and muggy. BUT, if there are any hardy souls who want to come, the Horn B&B is always open.

Oh, these are hard.
I am almost sure of C,and K, nothing else though.

Deborah responds: Candi, you're in the lead so far with 4 correct answers.

Woo-hoo. But only 4. Hmm,I really would like to know the answers.

Deborah responds: I'll post the correct order in a few days. Just want to make sure noone else is going to try to guess first.

A) Argentina
B) Bosnia
C) Iran
D) Burma
E) Nigeria
F) Afghanistan
G) Vietnam
H) Ethiopia
I) Haiti
J) Peru
K) Eritrea

Deborah responds: And now we have a tie for four correct answers.

This is really tricky because even if you look at which ones we all have the same, they could be wrong for all of us. Any hints on which ones are correct?

Deborah responds: I'll publish the list now.

Thanks for the answers and thanks for the free room :) I would be fun to meet and go to the Festival of Nations. I like warm weather no problem with the weather in August. Only problem... school starts here the end of July.

Deborah responds: The enod of JULY!! That's just plain wrong. ;-)

WooHoo, thanks Deborah for the invite. You know, I actually never been to St Louis before, drove through Missouri and Kansas couple times, but never stopped by, I wonder why now?And the festival looks like a lot of fun, so maybe this August will be my big Meet me in St Louis action.

Deborah responds: Candi, stay tuned. MoJen and I have started discussing a GTG planned around the International Festival.

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