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Oh, No! They've Discovered Flippers

My favorite place to eat when we visit my brother on Lover's Key near Ft. Myers Beach is right next door -- FLIPPERS


It's casual & friendly. Great food coming out of a tiny kitchen to a not much bigger outdoor only dining deck.
I'm addicted to the mussels.


And the coconut shrimp. In fact, I usually just order the two appetizers as my meal.


But, while we were there last week, the unthinkable happened. They received a glowing review in the local newspaper.

Naples Daily News

My sister-in-law always order the crab cakes. The other night, they were out of them. We asked the waiter if he was seeing new faces. He said lots, and lots. Hmmm. Good for Flippers, I guess. Not so good for those of us who would have loved to keep the place a local secret.

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Barb Cabot:

Wow, looks deelicious!

Mmm the mussels look great! Sorry that they discovered your secret, though...


Oh-oh, that can be bad when your favourite restaurant gets a glowing review! Standing room only after that.

The coconut shrimp look so good, and I love a good crab cake!


I hate it when "people" discover "my" places, too - I only share with you guys these days - looks yummy.

That can't be good. I understand that the publicity may be good for the restaurant staff but it sucks for the regular customers.

Sign me up for the crab cakes and coconut shrimp. YUM


Deborah--sure looks good. The only thing better would be Maine lobster!!

Deborah responds: You'll get no argument from me on that one, Jane. Or like Dan likes to say, "Lobster is Nature's perfect food." ;-)

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