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PhotoHunt - BRIDGE

We happen to be visiting my brother and SIL this weekend. They have a condo overlooking this bridge, so this was a very easy assignment. I simply walked to the window this afternoon and shot the photo.

For those of you familiar with this part of Florida, the bridge is the one between Lovers Key and Fort Myers Beach. As you can see, it is a draw bridge. At the moment I took the picture, it was open to allow a dredging barge through.


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At first I thought you might have taken this from an airplane. Quite a view your brother has!


Forget the bridge, that water looks so inviting. I'm really looking forward to some warmer weather this year.

There is something fascinating about draw bridges. Great capture!

Good shot! How cool you are looking at your bridge right now.( I am with Kim, the water looks so inviting)


How handy was that? Nice shot!



WOW, that is a great shot!

Nice photo, nice view.

How lucky to have such an incredible view. I am not sure if I would want to be driving on that bridge though. I am not a big fan of long bridges over water and this one does not look so sturdy (I am sure it is, but it was my first impression with my minor bridge fear).

What a nice view you have and so convenient for today’s PH theme!

Easy Dessert:

Very amazing shot! Well taken! And a great view too :)

That is a cool bridge - almost a floating bridge but not quite. It must be great to be able and look on it everyday.

Look at that sun and sky . . . I am jealous!

Very cool bridge and very lucky brother!!

Hi Deborah,
I got your blog info from Jean Anderson's website. I am from Lisbon and read with interest the details of your trip. Will visit your blog more times. Bon voyage! Anabela Mendes

Deborah responds: Hi, Anabela! nice to meet you. Jean is a sweetheart, isn't she?

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