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Six Items

I bought three new pair of badly needed pants this weekend at the Ft. Myers Chicos outlet.

And now when I get home tonight, six items need to go into the donation bins.

Fortunately for me, it doesn't have to be identical items. Just six usable items in good condition.

I have a set of bath towels someone gave me a lot time ago that I never use. First they don't really match any of my bathrooms. And, second, they are the kind with the turkish loop on only one side and the velvet type pile cut on the other. The velvet side is worse than useless for drying. It just moves water around instead of absorbing it.

Hmm, now I'm wondering if those towels meet my criteria for "usable in good condition".

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Remember that vet offices and animal shelters always need towels and blankets!
They would love your towels. :)

LOL Deborah. I am sure many people will be glad to have these towels.

Barb Cabot:

Funny post Deborah. I know what you mean about those towels...pretty but not very functional. At least you are sticking to your New Yrs. resolution and are doing something very good. It's inspiring.

Good job sticking to your resolution, Deborah! Hope you had fun shopping!

I have a some old towels I have also been saving to donate to the animal shelter...just need to get them there. I admire the way you are sticking to this.


so did you really get rid of SIX things? That's a huge commitment.

Deborah responds: Yes, six things. Two sweaters, two pairs of shoes, one perfectly good bread machine, & a set of placemats. (Thanks to Colleen, I decided to give the towels to Stray Rescue.)
I need to take the camera out to the garage and take a picture of the bins.


That is a great idea - 3 new items - 6 old items donated.

I need to do that too!

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