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The Letter "L"

Kim tagged me with the letter "L". So, now I must list 10 of my favorite things that begin with that letter.

Number one on the list used to be one of the things I hated most, my middle name: Louise.
My mother promised her best friend that if she had a daughter she would be named after her.
Growing up in the age of Susies, Vickies, Patsys, Lindas, & Sandys, the name Louise seemed hopelessly old-fashioned to me. I hated it and refused to tell anyone what it was. I was, however, grateful that it was only my middle name, and that my mom chose her friends middle name to saddle me with instead of her first name -- Edna. Now, 50+ years later, I love my middle name!

Here are the other nine of my favorite "L" words.

Literature - duh, I do work in a bookstore after all.

Ladybugs - The coolest bug in the world. They are cute and they are a garden's best friend.

Fresh, warm Loaves of homemade bread.

Lemon flavored ANYTHING!

Fried Chicken Livers. With onions, mashed potatos & country gravy.

Making homemade Liqueurs.

Packed Luggage! That means we're on our way!

Lollygagging - Wasting time doing nothing. Just being in the moment.

To continue the chain, leave me a comment on this post and I'll assign your letter. I promise I'll stay away from Q, X, or Z. Thanks to Kim via way of Girasoli for the idea!

Comments (6)

I love lemons and chicken livers also and lollygagging what a great word for the letter L! I enjoyed your list :)


Wonderful list! I'm so with you on anything lemon....and I do love literature and lollygagging.

Great list, Deborah! (I just posted on "N".) Loved the lollygagging!

P.S. My sister's name is Deborah, spelled the same way as yours! She goes by Debbie though.

Very nice! I love bread too. And I hear your liquors are great!!


Add me to the growing list of Lollygaggers!! Love that word, in fact I think I'll do some now... Great list Deborah!

I love lemon too.

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