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CAUTION! RANT-- Magazine Subscription Cards

I'm really not much of a complainer -- more of a live-and-let-live kind of person. But can I just tell you how sick to death I am of those loose, postage paid subscription cards that keep falling out of magazines?

It isn't just the random one or two magazines that arrive in my mailbox. NO!

I work in a bookstore. My rant is about the ones falling out of the hundreds of magazines on the racks. They litter the floor. Everytime I pass by the newsstand section of the store, I pick up at least a dozen and toss them in the trash.

I think it is time to start mailing them back to the magazines. I think every employee of every bookstore, grocery store, newsstand, convenience store, gas station, discount store and anywhere else magazines are sold should start collecting those cards.

I think we should start mailing them in. From my store alone that would be maybe 200 cards a week - easy. Multiply that by the other 800 some-odd stores in our company and that's 160,000. Then add in all the Walmarts, Targets, Walgreens, CVS, etc.

If they pay the postage for that many blank cards, at some point we might actually become a big expensive pain in the butt to those magazine companies.

Plus, we'd be recycling. We'd be using the magazines' money to help support the USPS, and perhaps keep them from raising stamp prices for a bit.

So, here's my call to action. If your as annoyed as me, pass this idea along to everyone you know. Start gathering cards. Let's show them some love!

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Sometimes I use one to mark my place in the mag but what about the 18 others????


Rant away, Deborah.

Love the idea. I may just send some back today. Brilliant!

I can't understand why they have to put them in the ones that come in your mail subscription.

You idea is great. We should all do it.

Now, if they can just get rid of those smelly perfume ads.

Barb Cabot:

Deborah, my sentiments exactly! I've often thought why are there so many in one magazine. What a waste in so many ways.

It is annoying indeed.
Your idea is great.


Oh, I have hated these for years! Great solution! (I pick them up in our B&N too.)


LOL - never thought of that!!

Though I must admit, I have used them once or twice to subscribe - but I would have also done so if presented with a website, clearly in which to do it.

Great rant. They annoy me too.

Great idea! I'll be sending back the ones I come across.


Love this! My annoyance factor is high when it comes to these cards and I actually think of all my mags, New Yorker is one of the worst.

Love this rant! I was given two subscriptions to children's magazines and each one has at least three of these cards inside. I am going to start sending mine back and pass on the message. There must be a blog out there that is super popular that could spread this message to many more. I agree with Kim...just give us a website.

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