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Four Year Old Basketball

The other night we took our 4-year old grandsons to the community center for their weekly basketball game.

One of them is less than enthusastic about basketball. But he is working hard on his fainting goat routine.

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TOOOOO FUNNY!!!!! You should send that to Ellen Degeneres she plays funny YouTube videos on her show. LOL.

So funny, Deborah, and is that you laughing in the background? Just listening to your laugh made laugh even harder, you know it is contagious:) Thanks for the laughs.

Deborah responds: Yes, Candi, that's my cackle in the background. Did you notice how the camera shakes when I laugh?


Those are hysterical! I don't blame you for cracking up - I would have too!

Fantastic! I was laughing along with you!

Barb Cabot:

Hysterically funny. This is priceless footage. Great that you had your video camera with you to capture this.

Deborah responds: Actually, Barb, I got that with the video function on my regular digital camera.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Deborah, these videos are so funny! LOL Thanks so much for sharing them.

The videos are priceless and your laughing is contagious!


Deborah, that is too funny!Thanks for a good laugh. I needed one today.


I am looking over at our sleeping baby and trying to imagine him in four years on a basketball court or playing beehive soccer - that was too funny, you must be having a great time with these boys.

Deborah responds: Marcia, you are in for a ride. Believe me.

I watched this on Sunday and laughed so hard! I loved hearing you laugh also on the video clip. Your grandson is quite the actor! I really needed a laugh on Sunday and want to thank you for posting this. I read blogs on Sunday but took a day off from commenting/posting and am now catching up.

Deborah responds: Glad you got a kick out of it. Enjoy your week.

Hilarious! When my nephew played 3-year old soccer, his team won 4-1 and he scored all the goals for both teams! We still tease him about that! Most of his teammates were doing the fainting goat thing!


Oh, these are just too delicious!

Reminds me of early soccer games, when all play would stop when someone would find a worm on the field; or engage in a spirited display of butt-bumping when things got dull.

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