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PhotoHunt - YELLOW

Any Chihule fan will immediately recognize his signature style in the two photos below.



But it is the purpose to which he puts each of his glass creations that continually delights. The YELLOW glass you've seen above is part of Chihule's Arbor installation at the Missouri Botanical Garden here in St. Louis.


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Very cool yellow photos! Happy PH:)

Interesting. That's one price of art!

wow! beauuutiful glass
but i thought they look fierce! :)

they look very unusual but quite pretty :)

my post is here


What a piece of art!
Interesting with the story :)

Mine is up too!
Happy weekend :)


Wow that's a lovely and unique creation. I wonder if it stays there all year long and not break on very hot or very cold weather. Here's mine http://www.mirasblog.com/2009/03/photo-hunt-11-yellow.html

I've certainly recognise the style despite not being able to retain the name in my head. Maybe once I see one of his creations "live"? I do like the (what looks to me like) spring onion design on closeup, but the third shot reminds me of golden bean sprouts. Or rays of sun. :)

Here's mine: my first participation in Photo Hunt!


this is an interesting art!

Oh, how beautiful! My first question is, how do they protect that against harsh winters or wind storms? That is just gorgeous! MY hunt is up, come see what 65 looks like in some places of the world!

Wonderful photos! I love his work and would love to see some of it in person someday.

Happy Spring!

Great photo. Love those glass sculptures.

How extraordinary! It's just gorgeous! I posted flowers from an arboretum. Please come have a look.

Yep - distinctively Chihuly. His work really works well outdoors in a garden. And perfect for the theme of Yellow.

I love Dale Chihule's work. I would KILL to own a piece. Sigh... one day. (I mean one day I will own one... not that one day I will kill for one...LOL!)


You're right, I recognized it as by the same artist as pieces I've seen elsewhere. But, I have never seen this art glass in such a setting. Wouldn't this be lovely with a huge background patchwork of tulip varieties?

Wow, cool shots! I've seen Chihule's work displayed here in NY, too. Great shots! I did yellow today, too! I hope you can come visit.


Have a great weekend!

I didn't know they had Chihuly up at the Botanical Garden. I must go up there forthwith.

Oh, and I love your rendition of yellow, too.

Amazing shots! How perfect for this week's theme.

What a fantastic piece of art and some great photos of it!


Great photos! I have some photos of his work from the exibit came to SF. And here I worried that I would not have any yellow pics. So, I went for something else...


Gorgeous. Glass is so beautiful, isn't it?

Stunning! I love Chihuly's work and will get to see it in person soon in the Arizona Desert Botanical Garden.


I just love these photos! It's been awhile since I've been there as I now live in TX so it's nice to see photos from there. :)

Mine is up...I'm just running behind visiting everyone else.


Wow, Deborah that is a very cool piece of art!

Amazing artist and beautiful photos! How lucky to see his work in person.


Fantastic work and what a great take on the theme!!

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