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Want a Free $100,000 Wedding?

My daughter and son-in-law are in the business of illusion. They routinely disguise big empty box like rooms in order to make a little girl's dreams of a 'someday' wedding day come true.

On Friday morning a room will be full of gastroenterologists earning CEUs on the latest techniques in bowel resection -- courtesy of the mega drug company that wants those same doctors to pimp their products to every new patient.

On Saturday evening it's a fairytale castle complete with mote and drawbridge; or it's a swank, sleek supper club from the golden age of art deco; or it's a Chinese street market scene.

Their company, Exclusive Events, Inc. is considered to be one of the premier event design and production companies in the Midwest. That's not a proud Mama bragging - just fact.

So, because they are the best, they're part of this really cool contest. The best-of-the-best businesses in all aspects of weddings, from invitations to limos, are joining forces to throw a $100,000 wedding for one lucky couple. Do you know anyone who could use a free wedding?

Here's a link to the contest website: TenTenTen

Be sure to take a few minutes to watch the video on the opening page before you click on "enter site". It's really cute.

So, if you know anyone out there who is willing to get married on October 10th, 2010; willing to turn all decision making and COMPLETE control over to the professionals; and willing to travel to St. Louis for that wedding; tell them about this contest.

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Barb Cabot:

Deborah, This is such a cool post. Your daughter and sil sound so talented and what a great way to use their expertise. Sounds like a wonderful business. What a fascinating career.

What a wonderful contest! My son got married 2 weeks ago and I had no idea how expensive weddings can be (we paid for all the expenses).

Cool name for the contest.


What a great contest,Deborah.I wish I knew someone who might enter.You have every right to brag about your daughter & SIL. They are very talented!

Deborah, I have to admit when I first read your title, I thought" Can I take that in cash instead?".

Then reading your post, your daughter and SIL are so good at this.I just got married 8 months ago, and we paid for our own wedding,I wish I have waited, would have had more money for our Italy honeymoon!

What a great thing to do!

Deborah responds: Candi. The bad part would have been waiting until 2010 for that trip to Italy.


Hi Deborah,

My youngest son and his fiance were actaully talking about a 10/10/2010 wedding so, I told my them about this. Since I know you, will they get preferential treatment and win? LOL.

I think it is a very cool idea! Then I can really visit S.L.

Deborah responds: Wouldn't that be so cool!


I would mention this to my son and future DIL but I think all plans are set and mostly paid for for their July wedding. Sounds like a great contest. How did your kids get into this business?

Deborah responds: They met in LA. She was a showcase producer and event planner. He was a set and lighting designer for the Disney Studios. When they decided it was time to get married and have kids, they wanted to be back in the Midwest. When they got back here, they realized what a lack there was for high-end event design.

What a great contest! How fun for our daughter and son-in-law to be involved. I know someone who was married on 8-8-88 (divorced now), but he is serious with someone new. I wonder if he would want to enter??

Ruth Pope:

I am planning a 10-10-2010 wedding where do I go to enter your contest?

Deborah responds: Ruth, It isn't my contest. I was just blogging about it because my daughter is one of the wedding professionals involved. Just click the TenTenTen link. It will take you to the contest web site. Then click "Enter Site".


Hi wonderful owners of this web site I'm actually trying to apply to win the wedding. I'm young but full of love and life for my 1st love. Were both in college and do not have the funds for a wedding. Were not even greedy will even be glad to have a wedding under the amount you want a give. We just want a happy debt free wedding. Thanks in advance.

Deborah responds:
That's very cool, but you need to understand that I don't have anything to do with this contest personally. I just posted a blog entry about it because I thought it was cool. You'll have to follow the link and follow the rules if you want to enter.

Cherryl ritter:

I am wanting to get married on October 10th of this year! so I will enter! thanx.

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