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PhotoHunt - BOOK(s)

What a challenging PhotoHunt assignment this week!

Obviously for me the challenge wasn't finding an example of the subject. The challenge was deciding where to take that one photo in a store that houses hundreds of thousands of books.

So, I decided to photograph my own personal endcap. We encourage our booksellers to create an endcap of books related to a theme for which they have a passion.

One of our other booksellers who loves travel as much as I, beat me to that subject. But no worries. I had a backup plan --- food!

My endcap is organized in a very purposeful way. Care to guess the reasoning behind my cookbook choices and the logic of their order on the endcap?


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Very nice. It's evident that you love cooking...and that's great!
Happy photo hunting,
Cindy O
Come & Visit

Nice post for today's theme. :)
Happy weekend!

another foodie.....i've found my pack! let's see...i'll take the alton brown and dolce italiano and..........


I've always wanted to work in a book store... but I think I'd not spend much time in the cookbook section.. LOL Your display was perfect for this weeks theme!

Making an endcap would be a lot of fun! Cool photo. I can't figure out the order - unless it's the order of a meal?

I could never work in a bookstore, I would spend my entire paycheck - I love books!

I take it you like cooking? Fun shot!

Great photo for the theme. Still trying to figure out the endcap arrangement???

I'm going to have to go get that 1001 book though.

I love it. You do a wicked endcap. Food is a perfect subject also.

Nice endcap. Not sure if I can figure out the order. On the bottom are cuisines from different countries, then we move up to the ingredients that you might use in those cuisines, then up to tastes/techniques/equipment. But somehow I don't think that's right.


I actually thought of you and what you might post on the topic. :) Cool post. Your own personal end cap. Very nice.

I am not very creative in thoughts, so now I am really wondering why the display is done the way it is.... Are you going to reveal and explain?

I was wondering how ALton's bk on Gears fit with the rest until I saw "in the kitchen". lol.

I knew that you wouldn't miss 'books'! I'm looking forward to hitting the Barnes and Noble when i'm in Denver this week.


Are you going on a cooking tour of Italy? OOPS... there are other countries there as well. Hmm. Places you have already been? Or perhaps these are your favorite types of food...Thai, Mexican, Italian!
Thanks for stopping by. I am so jealous. As a bookseller, you have access to ALL the books in the world! How do you get any work done?

I just knew you were going to do a Barnes & Nobles photo. Love your choice! First time I have heard the term endcap. Makes sense!

I am guessing: lists, food bibles, courses, and places/cuisines.

Food and books, love it!

Brad'll Do It:

Okay, the logic of the order: first, you need the tools to cook, then you decide what food to cook, then you've got small bites (appetizers), the main course ("bibles"), side dishes ("veggie love"), then desserts ("dolce"). After that, you get to try different cuisines (Thai, Italian, Mexican). How'd I do?

Deborah responds: Pretty good, Brad.
Pairings & menu planning
and finally my three fav. cuisines.

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