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Chocolate and Scotch

Trying to decide what to take as small 'token' gifts. My usual are photo books of the Missouri Ozarks and St. Louis and a few local cookbooks. I'll take those, anyway. But, a great new idea struck last week.


I was visiting with Alan McClure of Patric Chocolate about our plans to do a bit of the Whisky Trail on this trip.

It turns out that Alan is almost as much a connoisseur of single malt as he is chocolate. He talks about the two with a very similar vocabulary. Mouthfeel, aroma, tannins, viscosity.

After our conversation, he sent me this link to his most recent blog entry - which happens to deal with the subject in depth. Single-Malt Scotch Whisky: The Fine Chocolate of the Beverage World.

I've now decided that the one little extra gift item I will be taking with me is Patric Chocolate. I ordered ten bars of the 67% Madagascar.

When Dan and I visit the tasting rooms of the less commercial and more artisan Scotch producers, I think we will open a bar of Patric Chocolate to pair with our tasting. We will also offer it to our host at the tasting room.


Hmmmm, now I'm thinking about a tasting party when we get home. Perhaps when we have our SlowTrav GTG at the end of August I'll plan a Chocolate and Scotch tasting for our Friday night festivities. Maybe I can convince Alan to join us.

OK, time to go research these Talisker folks that Alan is so keen on. Need to see if they have a public tasting room anywhere near one of our four rental locations.

Post script: Drat! Weren't planning to visit Skye at all. Now we have to rethink one of our daytrips. Talisker

Post, post script: Photo credit to Casey Meshbesher of the Chocolate Note blog. While searching for the photos, I ran across her fabulous blog, which is now on my "follow list".

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Oh, yum.


Wow! I have not heard of scotch and chocolate before!

Back in my youth, scotch was the first thing I learned to drink. But I gave that up many years ago and now drink mostly wine.

Now, cabernet and chocolate - that is something I could go for!


Sounds like a plan to me!

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