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Peace and Order Restored

Most of the time our home has an atmosphere of cool, quiet calmness. Most of the time.

But occasionally the quiet and the calm flee to a boring corner to hide. The entire house vibrates. The debris from a tidelwave of activity is scattered throughout every room. The cause of this tsunami?


The five creatures who pile their shoes by the kitchen door. Our grandkids.

Today they are all gone. The house is back in equalibrium. Its a pleasant quiet retreat. Feng shui perfect. Lonely.

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That is the kind of tsunami I love. I miss that kind of whirlwind of activities and commotion when they leave and go home and leave my home in some sort of longing for the next time.

LOL, I had s similar pile of boys' shoes at my door this weekend (my nephews came for two nights). But only two not five!

Brad'll Do It:

Wow! What a sweet post, and a great picture to sum up the energy and the quiet. From the shoe sizes, it doesn't look like they're into texting yet; you won't be lonely then, 'cause you're probably one of the funnest, coolest grandmas ever. Enjoy the bittersweet tranquility.

What a sweet post!
Now regroup your energy for next time:)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Deborah, great post and a perfect photo! :)


Sounds like a fun weekend! Glad to see a pair of girls shoes in the pile!

Cute photo! :)

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