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In a Countdown and Not Ready

It is really not like me to leave so much to do until the last minute. We're 10 days away from our departure for Scotland.

I need to:
1- Reconnect with the four people we are renting our various cottages and apartments from.
2- Get the handle fixed on one of our suitcases.
3- Load Skype on our new mini-notebook computer.
4- Organize my travel folder.
5- Reconfirm airlines, car rental, and ferries.
6- Begin considering weather & wardrobe. (Unlike most people, I tend to underpack.)
7- Provide travel dates and itinery to bank & credit card company.
8- Arrange for neighbor boy to mow lawn and water plants.
9- Put mail on hold.
10- Stop adding food to freezer and fridge, and begin using up what is there.
11- Transfer wine to basement to keep it cool while air conditioning is turned off.
12- Give my neighbor info on where we will be as well as contact info for our daughters. (It is very reassuring to have a policeman living next door!)
13- Update my e-mail address book to make sure I have everyone.
14- Decide on stash of gifts to take with me for all the wonderful people we will be meeting.
15- Make list of people to bring gifts back to.

I'm sure there are at least 15 more things that should be on that list. But, I can't think of them now.

And, of course there is a much longer list at work!

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I was wondering when you would be leaving. I just remember "June" as you the time for your trip. I'm looking forward to hearing about Scotland and your adventures.


Like Marta, I am looking forward to reading about Scotland. How exciting!


Thanks for the reminder of all the things I need to do! I leave in 12 days and have done nothing after booking my hotels. You must be excited.

A new mini-notebook computer, that sounds exciting! I thought about getting one (still could do an impulse buy but keep telling myself "NO"). I will be interested to hear how it works for you.

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