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Our New Upstairs Neighbor

We weren't aware that our house was going condo. We just started hearing strange noises in the ceiling above my office last year. Turns out it was a raccoon - raising her babies in the attic. How the heck did she get up their - almost three stories up?

We hired a humane trapper to come in. He had to wait until we were sure the babies were gone. Then he trapped and relocated her. The problem was, her babies remembered their first home, and one of them decided to follow family tradition. Now we have to wait for this litter to grow up. Then we'll take Momma on a trip of her own. And we'll spend a lot of money trying to make sure her offspring can't get back in next year.

Somehow, I think the raccoons will always win.


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I know they are pesty little creatures but boy, they are so adorable!

Agree with Annie! They're so cute! :D If I accidentally leave cat food outside overnight, a raccoon (maybe more than 1!) comes and chows down, then washes up in the water dish. Messy!

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