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Today we took our four grandsons to the National Museum of Transportation. I hadn't given the PhotoHunt theme a thought, but then I saw the marquee for the old 66 Drive In and decided it was perfect.


The 66 Drive In was on a stretch of Route 66 called Watson Road. When it was demolished for a shopping plaza, many older hearts like mine were broken.

Another place not too far from the Drive In was Coral Court. Its distinctive yellow glazed brick and glass block design was famous all along the Mother Road. As you can see from the picture, every "cabin" at the Coral Court had its own garage. It was the ultimate convenience to pull into your own garage and enter your cabin directly from your car.

In the early-sixties - after the glory days were over, the Coral Court found a prosperous new life as a "no-tell" motel. The cabins were booked by the hour and the management left the garage doors open so the guest could quickly hide their car. When the Coral Court was finally torn down to build a condo community, the glazed bricks and glass blocks were sold as a fundraiser for the exhibit at the Museum of Transportation. I wonder how many people with secret guilty memories of the place bought bricks as souvenirs.


And, although it has no connection to advertisement, I thought I'd leave you with one other photo from the museum....Bobby Darin's Dream Car. It is huge, just looks kind of small because I'm shooting down from the second floor balcony.


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Route 66 ran right through the center of Oklahoma City.. right in front of the university I attended. Then we still had A&W root beer stands to drive in and have real car hop girls come and take the order... none of this Sonic push the button stuff.

I bet Bobby Darin would like to take that dream back... how hideous.. looks like a spaceship about to take off.

My hunt is up here.

That looks like a wonderful museum. My own son would LOVE it. I can still remember going to drive-ins when I was a kid. Great pick for this week's theme.

Those are some serious fins on that car of Bobby's. This is a fun post. We used to go to the drive-ins a lot. You paid by the car load. I think once we had 16 in my friend's station wagon. It was warm and we just piled out and sat on the car with the speakers turned up on the warm summer night.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Deborah, great photos and choices for this week's theme. What a fun museum to visit with your grandsons. The Coral Court Motel certainly had an interesting history!

Very enjoyable post Deborah! Have a great weekend!

Hi Deborah,
Fantastic pictures! Love the 57 chevy convertable (I used to drive a 55 convert) the picture of the drive inn, sure brings back old memories, and loved Bobbie Darin, wow, what a car!

Thank you for stopping by, to answer your question. The artist is Chris Botti, I am a huge fan of his, saw him when he came to Seattle. That song is on his "Thousand Kisses Deep" CD, his other 2 I love are "When I Fall In Love" all beautiful standards, and his latest is "Italia" I have quite a few of his on my blog at the bottom of the page, scroll down, you can change the selection, and listen to any that you like to hear, he is also on itunes. Enjoy....I see you are on slowtrav, I am SandraK on there, just have not been on much, but will be.... planning a trip to Venice next May.

About 6 years ago, my hubby and I drove from Michigan to California and I was so thrilled to drive "next" to the old Route 66! What fun! Great photos you have posted! My hunt is up, please come and visit

Ah, such nostalgia! Great photos and terrific memories.

I've posted two advertisements and hope you'll visit at:

Sherry at EX Marks the Spot

Fun post! I used to live near a drive-in. My friends and I were there every Friday night. I love big fin cars. We see quite a few still being driven around Phoenix.

Fun photos for this week's photohunt post :) I have wonderful memories of going to the drive-in when I was little. Interesting motel with the secret driveways!

I love all these photos! I loved drive-ins when I was a kid. And I've never heard of a motel with private garages, that's funny. Great post for this week's theme!

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