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PhotoHunt - LOCK

How do you put a lock on the wide open spaces? And what are you locking in? Or out?


Five years ago, Dan and I took a big looping auto tour of Wyoming. We started in Jackson Hole, visited Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, Cody before driving east to Devil's Tower and into the Dakotas.

We hadn't planned to dip south to Thermopolis at all. We had never even heard of Thermopolis. We had planned a northern route along highway 14 through Sheridan so we wouldn't have to use interstate until we got to Gillette.

As we were about to leave Cody, I glanced down at the map and saw the words:
"Legend Rock State Petroglyph Site". Intrigued by the petroglyphs and enticed by the thought of a hot springs, we detoured south to Thermopolis.

We stayed that night in the State Park Hotel; enjoyed the hot springs in the State Bath House. Next morning we presented ourselves at the towel check counter in the bath house to request "the key", for which we had to sign in blood and leave our first born as collateral. We were given directions to the site and told that once we were through the locked gate it would be another half-mile to the petroglyphs. Then we were admonished, in no uncertain terms, to lock the gate behind our car after we pulled through.

We really weren't sure what we were actually going to find. But we weren't expecting to have all of this completely to ourselves.

Without tour guides. Without stanchions and ropes to keep us at a safe distance. Without motion detector alarms. Without plexiglas. Without little discreet tags to tell us what we were looking at.

Just the two of us, the guests of the spirits of ancient artists' in whose outdoor gallery we were enjoying our own private showing.






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Been there....all over Wyoming in fact [we lived in Colorado for over 50 years] Fantastic photos.

Here is mine...it's also a bit 'native american'!!

Click Here

It is a god thing you unlocked that gate! It looks amazing.

Wow, what an incredible place. Those petroglyphs give me chills, so very cool!

Great post!


Great shots!
I love the first one :)

Beautiful place!

Have a great weekend!

Gorgeous set for the week. I agree though, I've always thought it funny to have locked gates in the middle of nowhere.


Wow, what a "find", Deborah!

Have a great time on your upcoming trip. Say hello to Susan Boyle for me. :)

Very cool. I love those 'spur of the moment' diversions on a trip especially when you get to see something special. And in private. Hmmm... maybe it is time for another road trip.

Oh, Deborah, I love Wyoming. Have not heard of Thermophiles though, will have to check it out.

Great take on theme! And lovely photos. How great it is to be alone with ancient spirits!


These are amazing and no protection or preservation...
I can see where one could get ideas about visitors from other worlds... does this last one look a bit like those crop circle designs?
Mine is up here.

Wow, amazing petroglyphs.

To answer your question about Chihuly, I checked the garden’s website and it doesn’t look like they kept any of his sculptures. I was sad to see the exhibit end; the art work looked like it belonged there permanently.

Wow - top post and pictures for this week!! :)

Funny that they were so worried about you locking the gate behind you. It is not as if there was a crowd approaching.

Cool photos! I wish I knew about this place when I lived in Colorado. Thanks for sharing.

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