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Three Tenors for the Next Generation

While we were all busy going ga-ga over Susan Boyle and Britian's Got Talent, this was what was happening on RAI ! And by the way, they are all 14 YEARS OLD.

(Move forward to the 25 second mark to avoid the blabbermouth blond MC.)

And don't think only the boys have voices. Listen to these two girls, only 14 &16 year old! I think they hold their own pretty well with megastar, Charice Pempengco. Don't you?

If you would like to find more of these amazing young Italian teens' performances, type into your YouTube search box one of the following names:
Gianluca Ginoble
Piero Barone
Ignazio Boschetto
Sara Pischedda
Sonia Mosca

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Amazing voices! Thanks for sharing.


Those boys have marvelous voices! The girls do too, but I like listening to the boys better.

Thank you for posting this.

Ahhh, but listening to the blabbermouth blond MC brings back memories of Italian TV! :)

The boys have incredible voices. I really enjoyed that song. The girls were also good, especially the middle one. I think I saw her recently on Oprah.

Thanks for sharing.

salvatore cogliandro:

I heard the three youngest tenors,on SAN REMO which gave me,the same thrill that i had received twenty years ago before a soccer game.

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