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We're on Orkney Now

The week of the trip we most anticipated is proving to be worthy of our anticipation. We only got here Saturday, but are already worried about how soon we must leave.

This place is amazing. We pushed ourselves yesterday. Had a very long day visiting four of the monolithic sights. We just wanted to keep going...like kids in a candy store.

I'll save my report on what amazes us for later, when I can include pictures. But, for now here are the things that we are not enjoying:

Our cottage has the most poorly equipped kitchen so far. The knives are dull as butter knives, and the only cutting board is one of those horrible glass things.

There are hordes of tourists getting in our way all the time. A 600 passenger cruise ship is in the harbor right now, and the tour buses from the mainland come in waves. Orkney, it appears, isn't suffering from the economy. Brits, are finding that the wonders of their own backyard are well worth the visit.

But, don't think I'm complaining. Orkney is still heaven.

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Can't wait to hear about the amazing things and see photos.


We'll all be patient about seeing your pix.

Sounds like you are having a great time!

Sounds like an adventure. I think that lots of people are experiencing a similar thing - why go overseas when the economy is tanking? There were more Americans in Maine than we have seen in the past as well. Hopefully you went to some great Scotch distilleries. I can't wait to see the pictures.

Barb Cabot:

All your descriptions are very interesting. We are following you like bees to honey...can't wait to hear more and see photos.


Sounds great! Looking forward to pictures and more details!

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