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Where Will I Go When I Die?

Zalma, Missouri - Marble Hill, Missouri - San Luis Obispo, California - Branson, Missouri

Borgo di Montemigiano, Umbria - Firenze, Toscana - Roma, Lazio - Gallipoli, Puglia

Santa Elana Cloud Forest, Costa Rica - Blue Hole, Belize

Madrid, Espana - Costa de Morte, Galicia - Medina del Campo, Espana

Parque Nacional da Peneda, Portugal - Evora, Portugal - Lisboa, Portugal

Budapest, Hungary - Kotor, Montenegro - Lovcen, Montenegro - Durmitor, Montenegro

Staffa, Scotland - Orkney, Scotland - Edinburgh, Scotland

So far.

Instead of paying for a funeral, my money will pay for airline tickets. Those airline tickets will be distributed to special people in my life. They'll be taking equally divided portions of my ashes to all the places in the world I want to go. Places where my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents are buried. Places I've visited and love. Places I've wanted to go and just didn't make it to before I kicked the bucket.

Taking my ashes to a designated location is not without challenges, like the fact that in might be illegal.

The one place I really DON'T want any of my ashes to go? Scottsboro, Alabama! So, if you are one of my escorts, please put me in your carryon. I wouldn't want to end up in a piece of checked luggage that went missing.

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This is really a great idea! I wouldn't want to end up in Scottsboro, Alabama. Is it really illegal in some places?

I am very behind on everyone's blogs. School year starts tomorrow - 1st week back to work so far (boring meetings and not enough time to set up my room) has been long and tiring. Will try to catch up soon.

This is such an interesting idea. You've got a lot of places on your list so far-you're going to end up in medicine bottles to be spread to all of those places.

Many years ago I donated my body to the University of Louisvile medical school, so maybe the students who study my cadaver will spread their knowledge throughout the world! If not, I'll be stuck in Louisville forever! Since I'm one of those people who believe that once you're dead, you're dead, it won't really bother me at all where my 'earthly remains' end up!

Goodness that is a lot of ashes! LOL

What an interesting concept though.

I think 'might' be illegal is an understatement. 'Is' illegal the more accurate one. However, you're dead - what do you care! *smiele*


Wow, Deborah! A very interesting concept indeed! I agree with Cindy, you might be in small vials. Talk about being spread too thin! LOL.

One question: Why not Scottsboro, Alabama?

You got me thinking... maybe I will copy your idea. Then watch my children's reactions will be when I tell them. LOL


I love your idea! That is really something to think about. Guess I need to start a list too!


Love it.

My parents have decided that they want a park bench in their names in Central Park, and we are to distribute their ashes in there. I can see us all being arrested for littering.

Deborah responds:
Amy, Have a concrete park bench "custom" made for the park. Put a nice brass plaque on it to memorialize your parents. The city doesn't need to know that you had their ashes mixed into the concrete! :grin:


You certainly will be well traveled up to and including the end - we have talked about where to put the ashes, David wants his, at least some, to be scattered up on top of Half Dome in Yosemite. While I am not sure about the ashes part, I would also like a park bench, perhaps at UCSanta Cruz, where we met. It's a good conversation.


This is a fantastic idea, one that I have passed along to my darling husband.

My aunt sent me a book she loved called, "Annie Freeman's Fabulous Traveling Funeral." Here's the Amazon synopsis: "A package arrives at Katherine Givens's front door and in it are the ashes of her free-spirited, altruistic childhood friend, along with instructions for a procession that will take Annie's closest friends on a cross country trip from Sonoma, Calif., to Manhattan, sprinkling her remains as they go." Just a thought. :D

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