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What Is a Float Trip?

Funny, when you have a summer activity that is so ingrained in your regional culture you expect it to conjure an identical set of mental images all over the world.

I don't know why I would expect that. I had absolutely no idea what "The Ashes" was until we happened to be in Scotland while they were going on. Until I became aware of it as an Olympic sport, "Curling" to me was the act of wrapping your hair around a hot round appliance.

When I mentioned on my facebook page that we had gone on a "float trip" on Sunday, I guess I just assumed everyone who read those words would picture in their mind their own version of the following photos.

So Marian, these photos are for you. This is what a float trip looks like down a lazy river in the Missouri Ozarks.

For one of the last weekends of the summer, we were pretty suprised to see so few other floaters.


Bryan and Dan not doing their share of the paddling.


Grandson #2 catching mostly rocks.


Grandson #1 shooting the "rapids" with grandog.


Notice the guys on the tree with the rope swing?


All tuckered out -- Maya finally gets her turn on the mat.


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I do miss some things about the Ozarks...


Looks like a great day! I love seeing little ones having such a good time in the water!


Looks like a good time was had by all!


I loved our float trip when we lived there. Love the new header and sidebar photos!

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