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Green Walnut Marmalade

I've decided to start a new category for my blog. "This Week at Global Foods"

I make a trip to Global Foods almost every week, and usually don't have a shopping list. I just go because I want to discover something new. New to me, that is. So, I've decided to share the results of these weekly pilgrimages with you.

First, I'll post a picture of my haul. This week .....


And then I'll zero in on one item that week. Something really special. And I'll give a report.

So this week, I'm starting with Green Walnut Marmalade, a product of Orhei-Vit in the wonderful country of Moldova. We almost visited Moldova last year when we went to Budapest and Montenegro. If we had had a couple of extra weeks, we would have. So, for now, I'm trying a few tastes of the country.


As with most of the foods at Global Foods, the packaging is in the language of the country of origin. In order to sell it in the US, however, the importer has to label the item with the FDA nutrition label. And, as with most of these products. the label really looks like an afterthought, usually just slapped on with a bit of glue.


When I opened the jar, the first thing I noticed was that it wasn't truly marmalade. It wasn't jelled at all. The fruit was sloshing around in a fairly thin syrup.


The fruit itself is husk and all. It appears to be a walnut that hasn't matured enough to form a hard shell under the husk. It is soft and has a chewy texture. Since walnuts are a strongly flavored nut, I expected the same from this fruit. But it wasn't. In fact it is very mild. The syrup it is preserved in has a very faint taste of molasses and is the consistency of pancake syrup.

I'm trying to figure out how to serve Green Walnut Marmalade. I think it would be best as a topping for ice cream. Perhaps with the fruit chopped up first.

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This is not green walnut marmalade. I make GWM almost every year from my own green walnuts, ready end May onwards. You have to pick early so that there are no half-formed woody nuts.

Cover with water and boil, squish individually to check for wood (wear gloves), boil a bit more, add sugar (brown if possible) and boil until thick. It doesn't set like a jelly but makes a very nice preserve.

With vinegar and spices makes chutney or pickle.

Deborah responds:
Thanks for the tips, Sheila. I agree that the term marmalade on the label was misleading. What type of walnut do you use? I live in an area that is famous for its strong tasting black walnuts - and I love them. But I'm wondering if perhaps the milder and more common English walnuts would make more sense.

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