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Kevin Connolly Discusses Print Book vs E-Book

About three or four months ago, I received an ARC of a new book that would be coming out in October -- Double Take: A Memoir by Kevin Connolly.

As the CRM of a Barnes & Noble Bookseller, I get dozens of ARCs every month. It takes a lot to get me to actually read one. It needs to grab me. I don't like gimmicky package or marketing letters that promise the book will be a life-changing experience for me. (Note to all of those marketers who are beginning to send out books with packets of tissue promising that I'm going to need them when I read their tear-jearker. I promise YOU that not only will I not read your client's book. I may be 'lost' before it ever gets to the breakroom bookshelf.) Case in point this blog rant from a couple of years ago: http://www.slowtrav.com/blog/deborah/2008/06/give_me_a_breaaak_.html#comments

When I opened the envelope containing Double Take, I was fully prepared to toss it in the communal bookshelf for our booksellers to pick through.

As I fanned the pages with my thumb, I saw pictures of people in Croatia. "Oh, wait." I'd just returned from that part of the world. "Maybe I need to find out what this guy had been doing there." So I read the cover letter, and a few random pages. And I was hooked.

Double Take went home with me; finished it in a day; and even took the extraordinary step of emailing the publisher's rep for the book to tell her how much I liked it. AND...here's the true test...I started following Kevin on Twitter.

On Tuesday, the book arrived in the store. It is on our new releases table. I've been handselling it to every employee. Last night, I had a couple of romance authors in the store for a booksigning. While they are signing their new book and visiting with their fans, the author's escort and I are wandering through new releases as she points to books by authors she will be seeing in town soon. Big names, everyone knows. I give her Kevin's book and tell her that I won't be impressed until she can add his name to her list. :grin: Time for Kevin to leave the comfort of Montana and come test his board on the streets of St. Louis!

And finally, to address the subject line of this blog entry. Here is an amusing send-up by Kevin on print versus e books.

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He seems like an amazing person. Thank you for this post. I am going to have to check out his book. The video was hilarious. I went to his link also and was mesmerized by many of his photos.

Thanks for the book recommendation. The author and book sound very interesting.

BTW, I never read that post two years ago; I think I know who that author is. UGH.

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