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PhotoHunt - BAGS

Interesting PhotoHunt subject this week. I can imagine many ways to interpret it and stay true to the travel theme of my blog. I could do luggage pictures. I could do shopping bag pictures from other countries. I could even do the bags under my eyes after a long flight across numerous time zones.

But, I decided that since it was Halloween, I'd join it what was sure to be a very popular theme...bags of candy.

Here are some cool looking Japanese Jell Cups I found at Global Foods this week. Almost bought them, because I thought they would be interesting and unique. I mean, really, just how many mini-Hershey bars does one kid need, right?


Then, because I'm a very responsible treat giver I carefully studied the warning panel on the back. I think these may be a lawsuit waiting to happen. I think I'll pass. Mini Almond Joy, anyone?


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Great shot of the jel cups. Makes me wanna sink my teeth into it! Have a great weekend. CY

Scary warning - I would have skipped those too.

I also thought of bags under the eyes but fortunately, I don't have a photo of mine. Would have been a great scary Halloween photo though!

I may be too old to eat those without supervision. I'll take an Almond Joy.
Happy Halloween!


Wonderful -- such exotic candy!

I miss those tiny jelly cups:) and it's good to read the instructions/reminders at the back of the bags from time to time. Happy Halloween!

I've never seen so many instructions :)

Happy Halloween!

I played too :)


Funny about those warnings... seriously?

They do look dangerous. Good move to go with the Almond Joy.

You really got to wonder about the candy inside that it's so dangerous.

Fun take on the theme this week :)

We used to have a similar candy with lychee or something in the middle sold in all the stores here in Hawaii about 7 years ago. I think they were from Japan or China. They were very popular until kids started choking on them. They disappeared from the shelves after that. That might be why there are warnings now on the bags.

We used to really like those but they've been taken off the market around here for years.

I think those warnings were a product of more than one lawsuit. It would also put me off buying them.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Deborah, Great photos and very funny for this week's theme. That's a pretty long list of warnings. Sticking with safe would've been my choice too. :)

Thanks for the laugh.

Shelagh (SJ):

Thanks for not buying the gelcups.
They are a very dangerous choking hazard, and shouldn't be anywhere near a child or elderly person.
I believe they are not sold in Canada now.

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