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Photohunt - WORDS

It's been a long time since I participated in PhotoHunt. But, I was going to do a post on the Great Forest Park Balloon Race & Balloon Glow anyway and I thought it would make a nice twist on the theme.

Usually when a persons words are unreliable, we say they are "full of hot air". Here is a case where we can take that expression literally.






Comments (12)

Great photos!And what a creative take on the theme!
I love hot air balloons!

Deborah responds: Thanks Candi.


Cool shots. You are right, you gave us a nice twist on the theme.
How early did you have to get up to get there? Looks like a day was just breaking.
I am participating too... :)

Deborah responds:
Eden, its a weekend long event. I should probably expand the post or add an new one to explain the whole weekend.

Great pictures. I love the one of the rat.

Hot air balloons are cool!
I was reading your profile-we are the same way-drive old cars and have an older home, but alas, we aren't debt free and can't travel that much.

Lovely, colorful post on today's topic!

Great idea for the theme and a really good "tease" line in the PH comments :)

Wow! That must have been cool to see.

I played too :)

Great photos! I liked them all EXCEPT the rat!

Great photos. I especially like the St. Louis balloon.

Great photos. I love those balloon races and glows. We had a couple in our city and it was very exciting!

Wow! I love your photos of the hot air balloons! Great choice for the theme this week.

I like your take on the theme. Very clever!

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