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The Russian Aisle

I got stuck in the Russian Aisle at Global Foods this week.


It was because I noticed something for the first time. Even when a product doesn't have a word of English on it, the shelf tags are in English. I wondered to myself, "Do they have someone on staff who speaks the language of every product they carry? How else would they be able to produce all of those shelf tags accurately?"

The first one I noticed was a bottle of beautiful deep green liquid. It was shaped like a whisky flask. There was no translation on the bottle. But the shelf tag not only identified the product, it also gave the English version of the company's name that produced it - Gold Cavier.


These boxes of buckwheat cereal were on a bottom shelf.


When I turned the box over, I noticed that they had thoughtfully translated the cooking instructions into both English and Dutch. I wonder if a native German reading his box will be as entertained as I was. I bought this one.


On the top shelf was what appeared to be instant oatmeal in various fruit flavors. It was also translated into three languages, but none of them were English.


Fortunately, the universal language of pictures - and simple preparation requirements - were enough to give me a complete idea of how to use the product at home.


I'm really glad I bought this one. Unlike the pasty, mushy instant oatmeal we get from Quaker, this brand was as good as fresh cooked. Although, the pictures on the box are deceptive. There aren't real pieces of fruit in it. Only the flavor of the fruit. Oh, well. Can't have everything I guess.

After the packaged goods, I hit the refrigerated section to check out the Russian selections.


I spent last week in Great Britian. This week, I had a very pleasant visit to Russia. Next week, I'm thinking Malaysia, because this caught my eye as I walked past the ice cream freezer cases.


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What a neat store to visit! I could spend hours in a place like that just wandering around and checking things out.


Deborah, how cool is that! You are one adventurous woman. I love it.

I have had purple yam in many forms, ice cream, in cakes, etc. Yet, I have never tried Durian although we have them in the Philippines. I am a wimp when it comes to food adventures ... :)


I have got to get to one of those stores. We have many small ethnic markets, but nothing that's an "under one roof" sort of thing, with so many amazing imports!

Deborah responds: We've actually got TWO multi-ethnic markets here. Global Foods is the bigger one in the suburb of Kirkwood. But the original is Jay International on Grand in south St. Louis City.

Jay International started out as Jay-Asia in the early 70s. It is smaller, much more crowded, and has a stronger 'foreign' vibe to it. It also leans much more heavily toward Asian products and hasn't branched out as much as Global.

Both markets are owned by members of the same extended Vietnamese family.

I think they hire someone for that job.. nice photos!

Please check out what my daughter think and more…

It is really fun to 'visit' this store with you. I love grocery stores and Global Foods definitely is one of the best. We have a lot of Asian food markets but nothing that is as international as this store.

I vote for Malay next. I want to know what those Durian pops taste like. I think I can get them here at 99 Ranch Asian Market. If there isn't enough - you could combine it with Indonesian since it is kinda similar.


What an amazing store. Sure wish we had something like that here in Philly. I could also spend the entire day there!

Cool store! It is easy to find Asian foods here. We have entire aisles in supermarkets. I just wish we had other types of international food. It is even difficult to find many "American foods".

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