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Cilantro Lime Liqueur

The other day I hosted a surprise birthday party for a friend. We had tacos and there was a huge bunch of fresh cilantro left over. Not wanting to waste 99 cents worth of cilantro, I decided to use $10 worth of Everclear to make liqueur with it. Sounds like a congressional approach to fiscal responsibility, doesn't it?

I threw that bunch of cilantro into a mason jar along with three cups of Everclear and one large whole lime. Four days later, I removed the cilantro and lime and this is what the alcohol had done to them.


And this is what THEY did to the alcohol...


After adding three cups of simple sugar syrup, the color went from an intense deep, dark green to this...


It's bottled and it is sitting in my pantry for a few months of mellowing. It should be ready to drink just in time for Cinco de Mayo.

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Mmm. Sounds good.

What a lovely shade of green! It reminds me of a peridot.

I’m coming over for "Drinko de Mayo! LOL

This one looks interesting... have you tried it yet? May is just around the corner ;-)

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