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One Good Dog

I get several ARCs on my desk during the course of a week. The pace is picking up right now because advance readers' generally come out 3-4 months prior to pub date, and March is a popular month.

Day before yesterday, I got this.


I liked the cover art. I skimmed the marketing plan. I read the peer-praise snippets. Although understanding how the system works keeps me from putting much stock in those. Then I read the introductory letter from the publisher. I liked that it was written by the author herself rather than by an editor.

For some reason, instead of tossing the book on the staff reading table, I opened it to several random pages to see if anything grabbed me.

What grabbed me was the dog's voice as he told me about his life in the hell-hole world of dog fighting. The subject interests me, since St. Louis is the epicenter of pit bull rescue right now. Thanks to the Humane Society of Missouri, 500 dogs breed to fight, aren't.

I brought the book home and read it cover to cover in one 5-hour sitting. That doesn't happen too often.

I wish Susan Wilson and her book about One Good Dog the best of success. I predict that Chance is about to give Marley a serious run for her money.

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